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hello! introduction

  1. LexaWalker

    Hi hii! I'm new to Forums!<3

    Hiii everyone!<333 My name is Lexa and I wanted to jump on the forums here and introduce myself and chat! I'm an artist and a 3D Animation graduate. I have two cats that are sisters, a black Burmese named Sally, and a tuxedo American Shorthair named Lucy! Last year my best friend introduced me...
  2. N

    Hello from Finland

    Hi, Ingrid here from finland i'm 40 years old work as an profesor behavioral sciences speciality humans and cats at the university of Helsinki. Started wit this at the age of 22 with 1 cat, now adays i live with 30 cats. In althose years i learn a lot trouch observations about cats can even talk...
  3. Haru Totetsu


    ..the fancy way to say hello! (apparently...) Hi guys. So I never actually made an introduction thread when the forums came back up and thought I'd save it for the new year. So here it goes... Hello fellow furries! How's it hanging?...scratch that...I'm so sorry I don't even know why I tried...
  4. JagNoble9


    Hi I'm JagNoble9, I have been around this community for years but never really engaged in it. I'm a student at Miami, I've always wanted to get involved and recently went to my first furcon (Furreality) Thanks for dropping by! : D