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hello there

  1. .wav

    Been a while

    So, how's it hanging guys, it's been a while since my last post. I'm not necessarily coming back to the fandom per se, but I have some comic ideas that I feel would interest some aspects of the community and might start posting some concept work here to see what y'all think and to get a bit of...
  2. Giana36

    New to the Forums but not FA

    I almost forgot to do an intro here! I'm Giana36, and unlike many people on here, I'm more skilled at writing than I am at drawing. I am new to posting on the forums, but not to the main site. I currently do not have a proper fursona, the closest thing that that being the Elecscuttle pfp on my...
  3. R

    Im new in town

    Hey everyone im relatively new to the whole furry community. quite recently ive made a profile in furaffinity and sofurry. Thought id contribute with some artwork that people can enjoy. I go by lizardsquad on furaffinity and Razgar in Sofurry. I only have a couple things in there but it would be...
  4. Rainbowphin

    Hello There!

    Heya! To be honest, I have almost a month with a FurAffinity account, but I didn't know I needed to create another one to have access to the forums, lol. Anyways, I'm new in here, nice to meet you all! I don't know what can I say, I'm bad at introducing myself XD uuuhm... I'm 22 years old, and...
  5. CatGoesBoom

    Hello there!

    Hey, name's Alexcsander but obviously most people calls me Alex. I've been an artist for about 7-8 years but only now I started drawing a few Anthros (ironically, I have an fursona for almost one years now). I really wanna get into the furry fandom, but I have no idea of how to, so I guessed...