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  1. ashton the cabbit


    im new and i have no clue what im getting myself into and just wanna have some fun and make new furry freinds i really dont know what to say i mean im a fan of klonoa
  2. RuffTumbling

    *fazes through door* Uh... hi!

    Hey I'm new to the FA forums. I'm not a new furry though. I sometimes don't consider myself a furry and other times I do however so I apologize if I confuse anyone. I'd like to make a few mutual acquaintances on here and on the main site. I'll briefly say a few things about myself. Likes...
  3. Maur

    Guard cat reporting in!

    Howdy, folks and furs! You can call me Maur and I've been active on FA for about a month but I had no idea the site also harbored a forum. Go me. So, yeah, figured I might as well introduce myself. I'm not a professional artist. I'm merely a casual hobby doodler and I recently got into drawing...
  4. ZTcat

    Through the introduction of an artist friend HI I just came here, hope to make more things and furry in the art

    通过介绍一位艺术家朋友HI,我才来到这里,希望在艺术中做更多的事情和毛茸茸的( 也可以是普通的爱好者和一般的收藏家很好!) 也许我会在阅读方面遇到很多困难(我使用翻译交流),但是现在我正在创作一些个人作品,我是一名普通艺术家(可能是开放的,但暂时没有任何备用) 以下是我的个人作品(部分但全部是原创的) 哎呀 网页似乎对图像尺寸有限制,因此我暂时使用切割工具进行粘贴 如果您对我的工作有意见或帮助,我非常希望您能给我一些建议 我会很感激!我不知道可以暂时在此BBS中发布我的个人社交网络链接 很高兴认识!XD
  5. BanditSoftpaw


    Hello all! Iḿ finally descending into the forums with my Raccoon Bandit Softpaw, and my Schnolf Sasha Wolfsky, A little about both to introduce I suppose. Bandit Softpaw, is my main, and basically a personification of myself in a furry form, I've had this little Raccoon (6'4") since I was...
  6. M

    Hello everyone!

    Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking on and off again in the community for a number of years, and now I’ve decided to take the plunge and join in on the fun :3 A little about me: -I’m a total nerd when it comes to transit, especially within Canada -Also am nerd for computers and all things hardware...
  7. StormysBaby

    Hello there! How ya' be? x3

    Good evening- or whatever time of day it is for you! After having been on Furaffinity for... -goes to check right quick- Oii June 2017, I finally migrated, wanting to delve into the community further and perhaps make some friends! I'm a lady using she/her pronouns, and closing into 30 at 27, and...
  8. PineSoda

    Well hello there

    If you don't mind, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm PineSoda, or Avi. I've been on actual FA for a while but I'm pretty new to the forums. Pleased to be existent here.
  9. ArtGirl205

    Hi everybody

    :DIt's good to be here I enjoy managing my furaffinty profile page which btw has some neat artwork and photo manips Userpage of DogTFFan -- Fur Affinity [dot] net But I didnt think I'd get an account here.:)
  10. Bl4ck-Cl!n!c

    Hello there, im not so new, but i need some helping hand, friends and advice

    Hello there, ill introduce myself, im Neo Hybrid, catwolf hybrid. Im 26yo and im from Mexico, ive liked furry since i was 15 and liked to draw since 16, i started watching kemono artists and them furry, and them both together since then, all my life i only drawed in vacation because school in...
  11. X

    Generic Hello post! M4F

    Now that my catchy title has your attentions, hello. I am new to exploring the fandom. I was introduced to it by a few older partners who were big into it so I though I would explore it. To be completely honest and upfront I am interested in meeting female furries and a friend said I should try...
  12. yaochia

    Hiiya! I'm new here!

    Hello~ I've been on FA for a few years but I'm new to the forum :D Awkward potato here trying to figure this place out and hopefully open a commission somewhere in the future! I'm also rather new to furry art, so much to learn still and here are some of my attempts on fanart ! I love making...
  13. Doodle Bunny

    Rabbits! Assemble!

    Fellow rabbits! Heed my call! Step forth from your burrows and say hello!
  14. JustAlex1997

    Hello Again

    Hello there, travelers of the internet. I used to use these forums as Autumn the Squirrel, but I decided to make my life easier by turning my many emails and usernames into one. I'm here to stay now.
  15. hazmat_doormat

    Introducing Doormat

    Thanks Arrow Tibbs (stickied thread) for the form! Name: Doormat Age: 18 Sex: Female Species: Brown rat Height: 5ft 11 Weight: 47kg Appearance: - Hair and fur: Light brown - Markings: Darker brown points on ears, muzzle and limbs apart from right leg; paler fur on underbelly - Eye color...
  16. -ChocolateDonut-

    That bitter moment you get a cold sweat because you gotta introduce yourself *ahem*

    Hello! Nice to virtually meet you all. I’m Chocolate Donut (Choco or Donut for short, whatever you find tastier). I’m supposed to say something about me without sounding extremely boring or narcissist. How the hell does one do that? I guess I’ll make a list and I’ll keep it short: I’m new...
  17. PublicMood

    Howdy y'all!

    I'm new to the forums. My name is Tobias, although I do write NSFW transformation stories as PublicMood. I have many interests, mostly writing and video games. I'm nonbinary, so I go by them/they pronouns. I also am in college, but because of the virus, I have a lot more free time. My fursona...
  18. H

    Forum Newbie

    Hey all ~ I’m new to the forums here. Trying to make an effort to be social online now that we are all supposed to be social distancing in person >___>;
  19. S


    I joined at the worst time possible lmao, right after a DDoS, welp. oh yeah introductions Hewo, I am Sharky, I am a Protogen+Shark hybrid, still working on my fursona cuz i am the most unorganized person you will meet meaning my sleep schedule is non existant meaning I will procrastinate until...
  20. FurryFelix

    Introducing myself

    Hi there! I'm a new furry from the grand 'ol state of CT. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forums! I've been on FurAffinity for about a year but wanted to interact with everyone in the forums and hopefully meet some new friends that understand the furry culture! A few things to know...