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help a friend out

  1. V

    Is it weird that I don’t have a fursona?

    This is my first post here it goes. I’ve been an observer of the furry community for almost ten years now. I mainly enjoy the art, stories (both SFW & NSFW), but also the family feel of the group. Like many of you I have found anthros interesting from a very young age and that interest hasn’t...
  2. S

    I Need Advice on Roleplaying

    I have autism. I am really bad at roleplaying. I already have a scenario, but I’m just bad acting it out. Can anyone give me tips on how to do role playing.
  3. Binx

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Commissions open

    Hello! I know this is not a strong opening but I am very much in need of money right now so I will be opening my commissions for a limited time I will link my refs down below but please contact me if you are interested, I will do ref sheets, portraits, nsfw, and character design.
  4. O

    I keep cropping an image i want to be as my avatar and they keep saying it's too big.

    Like the title says. i just need help as well with changing an avatar on Furaffinity
  5. Redo30

    Where the best place to sell your commissions?

    Hello! (I hope this all sounds okay I'm new to forms uwu) I'm a freelance artist and I'm trying to sell my art. I wanted to see where other artists sell their commission or where commissioners fine artists to commission? I'm pretty confident with my prices and work but I've been doubting it...
  6. G

    I Want to Learn What it Means to be a Furry [HELP]

    Hi, I'm writing an article on what it means to be a Furry and a member of the Furry community. I have 5 questions I would like to ask and would appreciate any responses and insight. Personal anecdotes are encouraged! 1) How does one discover their fursona? What forms of initiation take place...
  7. NightcoreGamer

    Hiring: $10.00 - $35.00 (OBO.) Looking for first sona. Reference sheet. Owl/bird artists please!!

    Second update/edit: I have chosen two artists; thank you so much for offering to me. You're all talented and beautiful. I love you all. I hope to see you in the future!! If you wanna harass me in person here I am! Nightcore_Gamer_OwO#7073 Join the Sonder Gaming Discord Server! This is my...
  8. mixpomdog

    Request: Nsfw request!

    Hello there, so I’m looking for a nsfw artist .Im looking to get nsfw art of my friends 2 ocs.He has been begging me to get some but I don’t have enough money to get good nsfw art for his liking.Im doing this as a gift.Anyhow, these are the characters reference Any pose is fine :) thank you!
  9. nihilBliss

    (Commission) Selling: Writing commissions, 3 slots open ($10 minimum, price negotiable) SFW/NSFW

    Howdy! I'm a writer. I'm trying to save up to relocate myself and my partner, as my country's political climate is turning increasingly hostile towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. We're both bisexual and masc-presenting. The powers that be haven't set their sights on us yet, but we'd be...
  10. TheShadowCreeper

    Name My Fursona!

    Hello! I am seeking some name requests for my angel dragon fursona, I've had her for 6 years and since I've bought commission art for her I thought she should have a name:p she's mainly white, she's small and very shy picture : sta.sh: Dutchie Lineart (art by LoveyPidovey, it's only lineart)
  11. Chrisyda

    Species confusion

    Ameskits (The species I created for my sona) are like Manokits but instead of oceanic preferences and dog like features, they prefer streams and are more like cats. Should I give up on ameskits and just change my sona to be a manokit? I need your input on this.
  12. T

    New and like.. Nervous?

    First off.. Hi! I’ll try and make this as short as possible because I don’t wanna make you read a ton.. I’m extremely new to this fandom and I wanted to learn more and make some cool friends. I don’t know anything so maybe someone could be sort of a guide and hold my hand (or paw) through this...
  13. A

    I need help with my new sona!

    Hi everyone as you can see I need help with my new upcoming sona. I´m looking for good color schemes and compinations. My new character is male wolf named Maxim. Maxim has same kind of eye lines as Jinnai has in Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, here´s example: ginga.wikia.com: Jinnai He has violet claws...
  14. CrystalMarie03MC

    Im New To The Community! ...Help?

    So, I guess you could say that I've been a furry since I was 10 (about 5 years), since I've always loved animals and looked at furry art every now and then and was inspired to make my own fursona a few yrs ago that has had some changes over time. At the same time, however, I've just recently...
  15. ewemoji

    In need of Help

    I dont know if this is the place to put this or if theres a place for it at all, but I have an emergency. Feel free to ask me for more information or anything. I moved states and got a really nice paying job, only for that business to down size a month later. Ive been without a job sincefeb and...
  16. MythicalMaker

    I Need Another Pair of Eyes for Fursuit Head

    Hello! This is the first time I have made a fursuit head. I have done other projects that are kind of part of the fursuit area, like Saytr legs, but making a head (I have found) is a lot harder than making legs. I understand that it is best to have a reference picture, but the fursuit head I am...
  17. Dreamsthefox

    Sexiest plane model?

    I'm making an Aeromorph oc and want to know what aircraft model looks the best for a male. Taking suggestions
  18. ProjectDuska

    Please Help With Shading!

    Hello, again! I apologize for double posting, and I really hope this won't be considered spam, but I'm looking for some help with digital shading, particularly to achieve a certain 'atmosphere'. I'm also having trouble making it look 'sharp,' I guess? What brushes should I use? Any tips would be...
  19. Emstylauzer

    Color Scheme help!!

    So I need help deciding on the color scheme for my newest border collie fursona! (Also a name after I choose the final colors) I'd love opinions! Also people seem to really like the first one but I'm not too sure about it cause I feel it's not enough?? If that makes sense?? What are your thoughts?