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help a sister out

  1. M

    Help creating a Fursona...

    So I've been in the fandom for 3 years as a lurker. Im very reclusive but decided to interact finally. That being said, after 3 years I've been having a difficult time coming up with a fursona. With a vague description of my personality, maybe I can get some suggestions based on that? Positive...
  2. catisrosey

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency commissions! $50+ Help me get out of debt ;A;

    welp i finally did it i spent more money than i have and am in the red ;n; time to open RUSH HOUR COMMISSIONS SINCE I WORK ALL WEEKEND AND BASICALLY JUST SIT AND DRAW AT WORK ANYWAYS aight so here’s how this goes, I’m like $55 in the hole bc the kickstarter for my friends artbook just cleared...
  3. LittleLolita

    Hi! I'm new, help!?

    Hello all and any who choose to read this :p as the title states; I'm new and could really use some help! I just recently decided to explore my interest in the Fur-munity (Ha. Ha. Ha. Bad joke? Please don't take offense :oops:) and I don't want to say or do the wrong thing! As you can probably...
  4. peachbreezy

    ₊✩₊Vector-Style Commissions OPEN <3₊✩₊

    ₊✩₊˚Peach✩Breezy˚₊✩₊ COMMISSIONS OPEN Hi!! I'm Peach! She/Her Pronouns!! I'm a professional artist and animator, currently accepting a limited number of Venmo and Paypal illustration commissions! I'm opening to commissions to help pay for my mother's medical bills and medicine. It will also go...
  5. ProjectDuska

    Expression Help?

    Hi! My name is Duska, and I'm new to this site, so I apologize if I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, for a while now, I've been having trouble drawing expressions on my animal characters. I'm not sure really what I'm doing wrong, but I can't achieve the correct facial expression in any of my...
  6. MoonDance

    How do I do?

    Sooooo I've had an account on FA for a while and I just recently started posting more often so the question in the title "How do I do?" is basically me asking how I can get my art noticed? I'd love critiques or any opnions you have on it!!! I would appreciate any and all comments!! I'll leave a...
  7. C

    Fursona help!

    Ok so I need help picking a new species for my fursona but i cant really pick one. So based on my personality what animal/Species do you think should my fursona be? Im.. -Happy and caring bout other people -Free spirited -Introverted -kinda weird/quirky -Semi spontaneous when it comes to...
  8. ChloeCatCooper

    Looking for Request Takers

    Me and my brother are looking for people who take both SFW and NSFW art requests. Neither of us can draw so we need some help filling out our FA galleries.