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help a young fur

  1. S

    Emergency Commissions!!

    Hi guys! I'm in a new furry artist and I need a bit of help (Sharing my reference sheet and info means alot!). I'll be opening commissions for a bit to save up money for a new apartment and for my upcoming rent so please give me a chance. You can message me on my discord-soffpawz#9418. Once you...
  2. E

    Fursona species?

    Uh, hi, semi-new fur here. I suffer from not being able to stick with a species for my fursona and change my mind just about every two minutes. What species do y'all think I'd fit most? Here's some stuff about me: I'm very lazy and would live on my couch if it were up to me I'm somewhat...
  3. UwUCarlaUwU

    How do i tell my mom and dad im a furry

    I really want to tell them, but they HATE stuff like this, especially Gays and Transgenders, are there any tips on how to share the good of it and not the bad? help? XD
  4. A

    Some idea for fursonas?

    I recently accept I'm furry, but I really don't know what animal I should do my fursona, I wanted a animal that represent my personality (night habits and stay alone most part of time and be idn, a little bit weird?) I already find a name and know how I wantt her personality, but I can't find...
  5. Q

    Are Drangonfolfs a closed species?

    If they exist, because i haven't heard of any.
  6. Babybear_Di

    What i can do here?

    Hi everybody,here is an artist illustrator Di(Dee ) I came here from the FA gallery to talk with more experienced furry-artists and show my drawing to more people. Tell me what you usually do here?Do you know a suitable place for me?
  7. N

    Needing help with an Oc.

    I have trouble trying to draw since I am not the best at it. If you could please hit me up here or in discord if you can help me Draw my oc. I don’t have any money at the moment so Sorry if You ask to pay tBas my bad but if anyone who would I’d it for free please do hit me up. Discord is...
  8. A

    Any cons in South Carolina

    I have no idea if there even are any