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help art

  1. Dolox

    how do i draw shark head

    the title say it all i legit need help on that
  2. Mettalic Fox

    I need help for my Furry Art :c

    Hi, I'm new to drawing furrys, i never draw this before xD . But I just wanted to ask if someone could improve my drawing, adding a little more muscles but according to that proportion of the body, if they could fix their hands (which is what costs me the most xd) and be able to see more of what...
  3. SR20_Weasel

    Do 3D model posing apps help?

    Ok. So I’ve been using theses two apps for about a few days to help with my anatomy in terms of shape. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magicposernew&hl=en_US https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madcat.easyposer&hl=en_US Is this a good tool for artists or a hindrance?
  4. peachbreezy

    ₊✩₊Vector-Style Commissions OPEN <3₊✩₊

    ₊✩₊˚Peach✩Breezy˚₊✩₊ COMMISSIONS OPEN Hi!! I'm Peach! She/Her Pronouns!! I'm a professional artist and animator, currently accepting a limited number of Venmo and Paypal illustration commissions! I'm opening to commissions to help pay for my mother's medical bills and medicine. It will also go...
  5. SonieTheDog

    Accurate reference help?!

    Ok, so I'm making a bust chart for my 4 female characters and I'm wondering if it looks accurate? I'm not really one to draw breasts on my characters so I really don't know. This is mainly a reference for other artists when I commission stuff. I'd like it to be as accurate as possible. Also...
  6. HopeTLioness

    Character Ref Sheet (Need Help, PLZ!)

    Hello, my talented artists out there. I need your help. I am trying to learn how to create my own blank reference sheet for my OCs/FCs. I tried looking up any kind of tutorials on FurAffinity, DeviantART, and even YouTube. But alas, I have found nothing. If you do not know what I'm talking...
  7. DLewis28

    What are the best place to self publish web comics for free?

    I like to self publish my comics online, but I don't know where to start.
  8. Emstylauzer

    How to get your art more noticeable?

    Hi! So I've been struggling with interacting with the community and getting my art to be noticed more?? I'm not sure if it's that my art just isn't attractive/interesting or if it's just plain "bad" I've always had trouble with starting conversations with others or even commenting on other's...
  9. Kurotsune

    Plox help me

    Who's the author? I love this art but I just can'the find the author ;-;
  10. D

    Need your help, pals!

    Hello there, folks. I want to tell you my story. I was registered on FA since 2013 and that was really great, I was able to work online and that was all I need! And I drew some NSFW content sometimes, of course. Well, it ended up really bad in April 2016 - one weird person started to persecute...
  11. S

    Draw me a fursona?

    Hello I've been trying to find someone to draw me a fursona I'm kinda new to all this I need some help please
  12. Z

    Looking for an artist to get my first commission

    Hi I am looking for someone to do my first commission I kind of know what I want but I was hoping someone would help me and work with me. I'm new to fur affinity and I have been in the fandom for a while but I'm not exactly sure how commissions work
  13. clAwful

    Art Critique and Help Improving

    I'm looking for honest critiques and opinions on my art. No need to sugarcoat anything; you can be harsh. Any advice would really be appreciated! This is everything I've done so far: (FA page if seeing them in bigger sizes helps critique)
  14. feaxxae

    Can't draw

    Hi, I've been in the furry community for a while now, but never actually made a fursona, the reason for that is I can't draw at all and everytime I try to make him, I fail... If there's anyone out there willing to help me create one I wouldn't be able to thank you enough My species is a Fox...
  15. T

    Draw my Fursona? ($40-50; Not a Ref Sheet).

    {CLOSED} I'm looking for someone to draw my Fursona for me. Sadly, I can't draw but I would very much like to have a Fursona of my own. Me and my friend were creating a closed species, but she has commissions to do and I'd rather not bother her. This is NOT a Ref Sheet. I don't expect it to...
  16. Faunny C.

    I am new to fa and need a little help

    Can I have some clarification about adoptables and other sellable things. I am looking to sell artwork (specifically adoptables) but I don't really understand the nuances of it. Are there any unspoken rules or formalities I need to know of before I get started? And any advice from more...