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help artist

  1. Ramiel0912

    Discussion: Should I pay for adspace on the main site?

    Hey folks! Artist here ^^ I was wondering if any of you would recommend buying ad space or if it's a waste of money. I've been searching for information about it, and it seems to be a mixed bag of opinions. Some say it did wonders, while others say that the best way to get engagement is to...
  2. LecherySweet

    Any tips on getting noticed on the main site?

    Hello, I’ve been active on FA for quite some time now although I don’t get as much traction as I do on other platforms. I was wondering am I doing something wrong? Should I just be more patient?
  3. stellatae

    help needed! arms are :(

    hi everyone! I'm jumping in here because everyone was so kind on my last post and seemed to over fantastic advice. I'm working on my first anthro character attempt and it isn't going too bad (I think). I am just having trouble with the arms. I cannot seem to get them positioned to look normal...
  4. RenniksArts


    PLEASE HELP I need people to hire me desperately I am only getting £350 from my payslip, my rent alone is £575, please share this where you can to help, or if you want any art of ANYTHING drawn please have me in mind.
  5. SamashTommy

    How to add arts to scraps

    Sorry, I really need help! How to add art to scrap and why is our user id disabled? Or is there another way to add our art to the user ID? If it possible, could someone tell us how to do this, step by step. Thanks a lot in advance! Have a nice day everyone! :)
  6. Fcomega121

    Main Site (Solved; browser change) ReCaptcha Doesn't works for me, and I can't upload anything.

    I mean I'm trying to post a juno drawing and then Everything is ready but.. I click finish over and over agan and it don't work and sometimes it tells me "Recaptcha failed, reload" but I can't even upload a thing, even with postybirb, I'm the only one?
  7. Redo30

    Where the best place to sell your commissions?

    Hello! (I hope this all sounds okay I'm new to forms uwu) I'm a freelance artist and I'm trying to sell my art. I wanted to see where other artists sell their commission or where commissioners fine artists to commission? I'm pretty confident with my prices and work but I've been doubting it...
  8. ThornedLullaby

    Some help with art pricing?

    EDIT:I added the links to images instead because I'm stupid and for some reason they didn't show up on the forum. ;;;; Hey there! Basically I'm just looking for some pricing help, especially for my chibis (planning to have them as a commission option in the near future so just working on...
  9. Bagelhead_Mr_mama_mia

    Starting a new comission (Advices?)

    Hello, everyone, i'm new to this community and this whole forum. so to start this, Me and my Bff (the artist) are trying to make some money by providing all of your furry art needs,(Full body art, Sketch, head-only art) i just created my furrafinitty account, and will post Some furry arts my...
  10. T

    My first furry drawings

    Hello there! :D i recently decided that i could try and do some furry drawings, see how it goes, cause a few times before i did draw some furies be it cause it was a commission or i drew it for fun. Sooooo i am new to this site, and i was wondering how do you share your art here? as in are...
  11. ColorInPlatinum

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions to help me move out of an abusive house!

    heya! my name is ade, i'm a 19 year old artist currently having some financial struggles and trying to get out of a really, really, really bad situation. you're more than welcome to ask for more details, but you can find the basic gist of it on my gofundme page (and the fact that i need a...
  12. Felipe Ibañez Chacana

    Shall I do commissions With my skills?

    I have troubles finding people who would like to commmission me :'c I am trying my best, but I really am wondering if anyone would even want one.. What do you guys think? Forsaken2744's DeviantArt Gallery (Btw, worry if I put my link from Deviantart, that is where I upload my most recent art)
  13. Artzom-b

    COMMISSIONS OPEN NSFW/SFW (2019) (10$-30$)

    Hey guys its me! Opening up for commissions again! I'm in need of a little support i need to replace my laptop AND my phone now so any amount of help would be grateful. The commission sheet I have doesnt have any of my nsfw art so if you want to see any of that just check my FA page, I dont have...
  14. wulfiewilk

    The way of artist, help!

    Hi! It took some time from where I started the adventure of a furry artist. about a year and a half I thought about writing earlier, but I managed to do it somehow. Till today. I'm starting to get annoyed because I do not know what I can do to make my work better. I also have a dilemma in which...