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help finding images

  1. Lord_Asmodeus

    Help finding one, specific piece of art

    So, it seemed most appropriate to ask this here, I couldn't find anywhere else to ask and it's a bit of an oddly specific piece of art I'm looking for, but I've been looking all over and I just cannot seem to find it. Specifically what I'm looking for is a piece of art (concept or reference...
  2. F

    need help finding an image

    I need some help finding an image. i don't know who drew if but i remember it clearly. it was an illustration of some hip hones with parts to the hip replaced with maybe elastic, silicone or rubber to allow for the hip to stretch and fit larger penetration. i think the stretchier parts wore...
  3. LuxVolans

    Help me find this Please!

    So, I remember a few months ago browsing the front page of FurAffinity, and I came across someone uploading a series of images that I can't find again. The images described a series of magical items designed for use seemingly in a Tabletop RPG. These items were seemingly well balanced, as well...
  4. muckmouth

    Help Me Find This Artist or Lineartist?

    Hello! I'm looking for whoever designed this baby-- And if possible, the lineartist? I've been searching for an hour and a half and I can't find anything. I also can't read the signature. I'm curious because someone on Furvilla is looking to resell this, but they don't remember the artist. I...
  5. C

    Looking for art or artist

    Looking for a pic, but since I'm a bit on the weak side memory-wise I'm just gonna give details. 1. Gay with human-looking characters 2. Im pretty sure the background was a locker room. 3. There was text/dialogue on the pic Please send links to any pics of human-looking creatures in a locker...
  6. F

    Looking for Art

    I don't know if I should post this here or under "Site Discussion" but I am looking for a picture set. A three set to be exact. I can't remember the name nor artist, so I am hoping someone here can post a link of either. The setting was post post apocalyptic/wasteland with the first image being...