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help me

  1. Snappy_Appy96

    Need help with my fursona

    Hi guys!! Okay so to start with; I'm new to here, and to the Furry community. I've always admired the community, but never had the confidence to join I guess. But now I want to. I'm on TikTok (yes, cringe to some I know) but the amount of amazing fursuits I see on there just make me want one so...
  2. Synnotchi

    New to the community, fursona opinions?

    Hello~ I'm Synnotchi. I am extremely new to the fandom and have been watching all kinds of videos and staring at cute artwork all week long, and of course with that came printing out a free fursona base at work and doodling in my spare time with the very limited pens and highlighters, hah...
  3. Doodle Bunny

    Critique: Tear apart my art

    I’m desperate. I feel no pride or good feelings in my art. My stupid brain can’t figure out why. Go on. Rip it to shreds. I want to know why all my work makes me feel hollow.
  4. gummielicious

    New here, could use some guidance.

    Hello, I'm like...SUPER new to this. I'm looking to follow people but I'm kind of unsure of how to even start, so I figured I'd ask the community for a bit of aid. (If I'm in the wrong forum please let me know and direct me to where I should post this pls ;-; ) I also posted this in another...
  5. Leo Whitepaw

    What do you want

    This is a bit like the old corrupt-a-wish thread, minus the corruption bit. Basically, What do you want in life? (Achievements, etc)
  6. Sunburst_Odell

    Some Advice For Character Design?

    I've been looking through my anthro characters and I noticed I have very few male characters compared to female. Not that this is a bad thing, but I like having generally balanced gender ratios. But problem is: I'm under eighteen so I'm unable to purchase designs and the ones I'm willing to give...
  7. B

    Can you help find a new name to my red dog fursona?

    Hi. My fursona's old name is boring and I want a good and awesome name to appeal with other furries near me and not near me. Can you please help me? EDIT: Oh wait the name Beefie M. Jaxson is a good name and the M stands for Mika, thanks brain!
  8. B

    Need help

    My fursona is a red dog and I need someone to draw that fursona. It's initials was BMJ. :)
  9. ZerOrbit

    Tips on when there's trouble with a seller??

    So about 3 months ago now I bought an adopt called Erii from someone for $110. But they still haven't given me the characters files because they reply very very late and claim to be too busy and something crazy seems to go wrong on their end. $110 is a lot of money for anything and I'm stressed...
  10. Zerohi

    Can't decide... Help! (solved)

    So I have been struggling to choose between 2 of my fusonas to use as my main. At the moment I'm using Zerohi as my main but after creating Shmudge (my other Dutchie) I fell in love with his design and have preffered to draw and get art of him instead of Zerohi, even when given an option people...
  11. Chrisdadragon

    I Love dragons alot and need to find one! IRL non-RP

    I have always loved dragons not 'like' or a sexual thing but true love I would gladly give up everything to make them happy or to protect them....I can't express with words what they mean to me not enough anyway. I must find a real dragon if anyone can help me please do so! ps this isn't a...
  12. dough

    This is my baby

    I'm on an introducing roll right now. ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ✧・゚: *✧・゚ This is my sona, Poffin. He is smol, soft, and low-key salty just like me. I don't want to fill up all of this with his info so if you'd like to know more, here is his TH page (if allowed) Since this is also sona discussion, can...
  13. RotomInVaporwave

    How do i get an custom artist type?

    Is it just me or there's really people with an custom artist type? i really need to know how to do this thing help
  14. Wolvinof

    Login Not Being Consistent Or Working

    Very recently, the main site's been acting up about whether I'm logged in or not. On some pages, I'm logged in like usual, but on others, I'm just logged out. Weird thing is, it's very specific pages. For instance, I could go to someone's main userpage and be logged off, but then I type in the...
  15. Samantha Meade

    Serious Question

    Hey everyone, my name is Fox and I try to stay pretty active in the community. I say that to mean I make a lot of art and meet a lot of furs online. See, I can't really get a fursuit or go to cons for a few reason the top ones being; 1. It's expensive 2. I live somewhere where cons are quite a...
  16. msgrandpabacon

    Can I get some help?

    Hello there! I am new... sort of. I used to be on deviantart, and I had decent exposure, but I took a 6 year hiatus and started again here. I am just wondering what the best way to get exposure is. I really don't want to draw my sona again and again, but I also don't want to open up requests as...
  17. AnonTheMouse

    Any way to filter out Patreon spam?

    These days, it seems like everybody is getting a Patreon. Good for you all, and best of luck with it. However, there's only so much money to go around, and I've got a pretty good idea from looking at people's galleries who I want to support. Making ~20% of the "New Submissions" I see censored or...
  18. D

    Need your help, pals!

    Hello there, folks. I want to tell you my story. I was registered on FA since 2013 and that was really great, I was able to work online and that was all I need! And I drew some NSFW content sometimes, of course. Well, it ended up really bad in April 2016 - one weird person started to persecute...
  19. Whytzer

    Hello afraid new user on FA! xD

    Hey so im sorta new on this site. Sorta because I have a FA-Account since 2013 (or so) but I remained as a "quiet" user so I only watched some artists and their art and nothing else. Until I decided that I could try to meet new people who like this kind of art too but Im still not pretty sure...
  20. S

    Draw me a fursona?

    Hello I've been trying to find someone to draw me a fursona I'm kinda new to all this I need some help please