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help me

  1. Kurotsune

    who's the author?

    Who made that amazing foxie?
  2. Kurotsune

    Who is the author?

    Who's the author of this art? Cuz I love that one but I can't find the author anywhere ;-;
  3. Suki262

    Scheduling Advice?

    Hello everyone, I've been a professional Illustrator & Comic Artist for a few years now and I need some advice on setting up a daily schedule. I've been successful with gaining clients but the one thing I tend to lack in is having a consistent routine to keep the work I receive from clients...
  4. Nova Scarlett

    Ipad 2 help

    Hey everyone, so I forgot my passcode on my Ipad and downloaded ITunes as instructed. Now, the Sync Bar when I got to the sync menu it's all greyed out.. that was a couple of hours ago. I shut down my computer to charge it and come back. I now cannot find the sync tab anywhere on the available...
  5. NorthernStorm

    I need help making my character a character

    Ok hopefully made this thread correctly, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway if I did then if you haven't already guessed I need a bit of help trying to make my character an actual character and not something an edgy 14 year old would think of one day. I already have art made of him, it's just the...
  6. O

    content filter

    hi im new and can someone please tell me how i can turn off the content filter it says you are not allowed to this image due to content filter settings
  7. pistolkitty

    Account Problem: Ban Appeal, awaiting response

    Today, my account has been falsely reported on Monday of October, and I told the user who reported me of ban evading that I moved accounts, due to that account being compromised due to my password being stolen. I've sent an appeal letter to appeals@furaffinity.net, and they still haven't...