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  1. Hobgoblin

    What dog breed would I be?

    I've been designing a few dog designs but can't seem to pick a certain breed so I'd make them a mutt but I'm kinda curious what you guys come up with for me. ^^" I consider myself a very timid and awkward person. I don't like being found in crowds and I'm extremely uncomfortable with...
  2. Starry-eyed Space tigress

    Main Site Art thief issue

    This user here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/rileymorningstar/ Whose account consists of traced artwork from this user: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/namygaga He is incredibly shameless in his thievery, as shown in his comments on this journal...
  3. Wolvinof

    Need Advice on A Good Response to a Requester

    So I'm in the middle of doing a multi-piece request for someone. However, they have a habit of changing their mind on things - something they acknowledged themselves - and they've already done it a few times, to the point where I was already halfway through one piece before they wanted something...
  4. Palybuddi

    Valve Index gray screen/not detecting base stations (FIXED)

    I got a Valve Index (as well as a NZXT Streaming PC) as a birthday present a few days ago, and it's been working perfectly for the first 2 days. It ran VRChat smoothly and perfectly. Then, all of a sudden, this night, I turned on SteamVR and put on the headset only to realize that it's...
  5. unholysystemsinc

    Help me re-price my art!

    I feel like I may be overpricing or undercharging for my artwork. I also have another question - is my artwork what you would consider “high quality”? CURRENT PRICES NSFW GALLERY SFW GALLERY
  6. Zehlua

    Looking to buy a new PC laptop- HELP!

    1. Looking to buy a new laptop with a touch screen and enough processing power and storage to run Sims 3, Sims 4, and all the animation and video editing projects I do. I have an external storage drive (2 TB) that I'll need to move into it. Needs a DVD/CD/CD-ROM Drive. 2. Related, what can I do...
  7. Beepsi

    Question: How to RP?

    Yo, Lately I have had a sudden interest to maybe try to do RP, Roleplay, but I don't know where to go or to start. Yes there is the Discords, these forums, and many more, yet I'm honestly intimidated by of all this; not sure where to start. Also, I am not too much of a social internet lad; I...
  8. sausy1

    Any tips on writing this specific type of TF?

    I would like to write a simple TF story where a teenage boy grows a really large dragon tail and a few minor draconic features on top. Something like this: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8562855/ Do you have any tips for writing this specific TF? This would be my first TF story, so tips would...
  9. toepads

    Where do you get commissions?

    Long time artist, first time opening commissions. I'm finding it hard to advertise myself, I was curious what websites ya'll find are the best for this? and how you promote yourselves? And any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  10. sausy1

    Profile pic isn't showing up on the main website

    I would like my profile pic on the FurAffinity main website to be the same pic I'm using on the forums. I've changed my Profile ID and waited for two days, but nothing happened. Any ideas? Here's the post if you need it: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41443881/
  11. Klox

    Help : what is my style ?

    Hello ! So ive been on FA for 3 weeks now and ive been drawing steadily since then, like 1 drawing every 2 days almost. With 20+ submissions i feel like people can have a good idea of what im able to do and so can help me by giving me feedback. I plan to do 3 thread about ME (public : *woohoo*)...
  12. Glitter_Daddy

    Any area need to be fix?

  13. Alrazvick

    Looking to revive an old horror story.

    A long time ago I decided to write a story based on one of my favorite horror movies, Slither from 2006, but I feel like I have lost my way with it and have considered rewriting it from scratch. However I’m hesitant to start again because of both bad confidence in my writing and because I wonder...
  14. Hikarty

    Not sure what to do (sites and art)

    I've lately been quite fed up with twitter and instagram, which are the sites where I share my art the most (I left deviantART when it started to go down) but between awful cropping and quality, shitty algorithms, now the whole...NFT thing in which people on twitter can use your tweets without...
  15. S

    realistic fire using fur?

    any ideas on how i could make realistic looking fire for this head? my first idea is using a fur like this but having the fur point upwards instead of down. my second idea is using colored wool roving but im afraid it will felt itself when washed/moved around. i could felt the roving into fire...
  16. S

    has anyone done a quadsuit like this?

    what is the possibility of this working
  17. O

    I keep cropping an image i want to be as my avatar and they keep saying it's too big.

    Like the title says. i just need help as well with changing an avatar on Furaffinity
  18. weblastwolf

    Redone design is recognized as worse than the old one [Help]

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum, nice to all I did a drawing about a year ago, and decided to fix it by redoing it and fixing the portions, so I sent it to some friends to see what they said, however they said that the old drawing was worse, and I couldn't understand why this is...
  19. thekoboldsummoner

    Post Approval?

    Two questions: how long do I have to wait until a post gets approved? And is there any way to check on my unapproved posts??? I tried submitting a post to the Tavern RP Discussion but I haven’t heard anything back. I just don’t know how this works so sorry if this is a dumb question!
  20. ZombieMuffin

    I've Drawn a Thing... and Can't name it.

    For starters I don't have a good way of scanning it to upload it and if I do it will be a camera on my phone but I've been racking my head all day on what to name my Protogen-sona and was able to name another character off of his backstory that I came up with but I can't think of a good name for...