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  1. TysumiaJelly

    How much would making my fursuit head cost?

    Hello people, im planning on making a fursuit head for my fursona, jelly. How much do you think making the head, buying large bells,buying a scarf and some hairclips?
  2. RealHyenaHours

    Fursona Help

    I already have an idea for a fursona being a Hyena and I eventually want to get a ref sheet for Him but I don't know where to start. Can anyone help me out with this?
  3. Kylan Velpa

    Unclear on art rules

    Just wanted to know: Is it legal/generally accepted to download others' artwork so one doesn't have to connect to the internet to view some of the favourite works? If so, is it legal/generally accepted to post that artwork privately to friends as long as you don't pass it off as your own? If...
  4. Zenkiki

    When is enough enough?

    I will try to make this short. I have a problem being too loyal to people and it makes it hard for me to leave them even if it is bad for me. I have a problem being a yes man so I will always say yes to helping others and that has dug me into a hole I am having a hard time getting out because I...
  5. Olsie

    Critique: Need Anatomy critique

    Hey there, looking for a constructive critique/ redlining on the anatomy of my two new guys! They don't have names yet but I've paired them up. The arms are bugging me the most and I feel like their poses are kinda stiff? I wonder how I could improve on it, thank you for any feedback :D
  6. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Considering Getting into Streaming

    I'm considering streaming videogames on Twitch, and wondered if anyone had any tips or advice for a novice streamer? I would probably be using OBS.
  7. gummielicious

    New FA artist, a little lost.

    Hello, I'm like...SUPER new to this. I'm looking to follow people but I'm kind of unsure of how to even start, so I figured I'd ask the community for a bit of aid. (If I'm in the wrong forum please let me know and direct me to where I should post this pls ;-;) I'm looking for FA accounts I'd...
  8. ColorInPlatinum

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions to help me move out of an abusive house!

    heya! my name is ade, i'm a 19 year old artist currently having some financial struggles and trying to get out of a really, really, really bad situation. you're more than welcome to ask for more details, but you can find the basic gist of it on my gofundme page (and the fact that i need a...
  9. Zenkiki


    I have been helping others get through some rough times and after talking to someone on discord for 2 hours talking with him about what he was worried about I was reminded of why I joined the community here and have stayed here. I have been reading so many depressing and in all honesty upsetting...
  10. GabyHamster

    What are your criteria for buying art?

    I've been trying to make money on FA for about three months now and don't understand why my art isn't a success... I have worked hard to achieve these skills and am now trying to be useful but getting minimal feedback. Every work at the auction - is the idea of "it will not buying. you're doing...
  11. Orcashia

    Organizing my submissions

    With my new submissions I have been able to put them in the 'sculpture' folder. I also have a folder titled 'photography', which was made eons ago. I went into my gallery and I was wondering if there is a way to put things in the different folders so that all my sculptures are in that folder...
  12. Jacob Bender

    Request: Me and zeena bouncing together Pic??

    WHO WILL BE THE ONE TO DRAW THIS PIC VERBATIM?! REQUEST! Me and zeena bounce together on a super giant green hopper ball EFERENCE LABELS Image 3: My look and pose Image 2: My fictional crush's look and pose and ball we will use Image 1: Pose of us together
  13. Jacob Bender

    Help me!!!! Finding free requests on Fur affinity is like finding a unicorn.

    As I stated in my introduction, I was banned from deviantart BY MY PARENTS because the word "deviant" was viewed as a bad connotation according to my parents. But while I was on Deviantart, again, I loved asking for space hopper ball art and stories. It's not all bad anyway, as I found some...
  14. Kattling

    Main Site Thumbnails not working properly?

    I don't quite understand what's going wrong here. I know that animations don't just work in the thumbnails on FA, so I made a still and tried to upload it, but it compressed it back to the original size of the icon (poorly, may I add), completely defeating the purpose of having a thumbnail in...
  15. D

    I need some break up advice

    so my gf just broke with me and she won’t say why. Any advice to move on? First break up need some good words.
  16. F1uffy.Chips

    Request: Make my species come to life

    So this species is based off the drink ramune.They are any any basic species so you can choose any.They where the top pop things are little hats.They have glass chest and glass organs.They balance little glass orbs on their tounges.Its any ramune flavor and any normal species. a flavor list...
  17. Uathúil

    I'm a new youngfur and need help.

    So I know a limited amount of stuff relating to the furry fandom. I have finally admitted to myself that, yes indeed, I am a furry. Furries are shunned at my school and are considered "weird" . All I know are a few terms (handpaws, footpaws, fursona). I have looked around online and Fur Affinity...
  18. A_Dusty_Wolf

    Some Feedback Please

    So I wanted to challenge myself with my next piece, something to push me to improve and I wanted to get some constructive criticism before moving forward. I plan on making this a night scene with a really limited palette. It took me four tries to get that city in the right perspective though...