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  1. WildKitFox

    Critique: Shading Critique and advice!!!

    Hey everyone! I've been determined to improve my art skills overall, as well as having taken my first steps in the world of digital art. The going has been fairly rough, as my drawings are still very rough. I recently tried shading one of my works, and found myself growing frustrated. I think...
  2. GingerAesthetic

    Furaffinity auction help

    Hey so my FA account is still to new for a auction I wanna bid on (just a AB cause I don’t wanna waste time for anyone that may help). So if anyone’s willing to be not bothered at what their local time (22:00 may20 JPN time) when the designs drop please I’d be so thankful if you’d like anything...
  3. Feralteddy

    Need coloring advice.

    Working on a commission for someone, created the character for them from the ground up from the characteristics they described to me. I have everything done and colored but the shawl and undies, which they have no idea what they want the color to be, and neither do I. I'm incredibly indecisive...
  4. Hikarty

    Help with/How to start on NSFW?

    Hello! I'm an artist who has recently found NSFW somewhat interesting, at least from a somewhat soft perspective, and I have no clue where to search for like...help, references, ideas...like, I want to start working on that but I genuinely dont know /where or how/ to start? So if you have any...
  5. Z

    New to being a furry, looking for someone who can help draw my fursona.

    Hello everyone! My Name is Zach and im reletivly new to all of this. I cant draw even a little bit and was hoping to commision someone to draw my first fursona! For details feel free to friend me on discord Zinc142#7075 But basics are this, im a Red Panda, short and young looking, blonde hair...
  6. T

    Tried to experiment and work things through but I'm not an artist, please help with my OC's design

    Over the past two years now I've been trying to edit and experiment with my OC's design in photoshop, but I'm really not too sure what I want. I have so many ideas and concept images I've saved - probably too many, and I'm not sure what fits what. The theme of it is an Arctic fox with some...
  7. ChronoTheFurry

    Thinking of doing a webcomic but I suck at drawing... ;-;

    I recently bought a wacom bamboo to start drawing because me and a friend wanted to make a webcomic. I realised I suck at drawing and I was wondering if anyone would have any tutorials or link me to any good tutorials because I want to make me and my friend's webcomic a reality. Thank you so...
  8. T

    Any guide/tips for someone wanting to start?

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well today! I recently got a drawing tablet, and am in need of some help! I'm trying to draw a friend of mines character from World of Warcraft, she's a Pandaren, however I'm really struggling to get the head shape down despite it being so simple looking to...
  9. VulKaal

    Need some help on giving my Dragon a working face/head.

    Alright, so the artist I commissioned won't finish one of the pictures I bought and now I need to get some help with what the front of his head looks like while finding something I like myself. Tl;Dr: Need a front view to match the profile or a 5:4 view to match the profile, any ideas? I...
  10. Omny87

    Fast Gallery Transfer to Weasyl?

    I've had an account at Weasyl for a long time, but have only recently started actually using it, and I'm slowly but surely posting my FA gallery there. But at the moment it's more "slowly" than "surely". I know there used to be a special tool or software that allowed for automatic transfer of...
  11. MillerFurry

    Need a help

    Recently registered on Twitter but absolutely do not know what to post there... I could post my furry art but I do it for a long time and no one will be interested in sitting for a week or more waiting to see my work. What can I use Twitter for? :(
  12. Pawpadcomrade

    [NSFW] Would increasing my prices be unrealistic?

    I've been taking commissions for the better part of a year now, and I'm starting to get to the point where I'm declining potential commissioners because I've got too much on my plate. I've heard it said that this is a sign to increase your prices, but I'm skeptical of doing so. I feel like a...
  13. KD142000

    Forum Where does my thread belong?

    Hello Apologies if I missed something in the guidelines for The Creative Arts section, but I'm unsure of where to post my thread I have planned. I would assume it belongs in the Art & Illustration section, since it concerns art, but it is also an advertisement for participants in group art and...
  14. Fishie-Lips

    Forum Why am I getting a spam notice?

    I keep trying to send example links to potential clients and keep getting an error box that says something about my message is spam like. I can send messages without links, but how am I supposed to give potential clients references without links?? Sorry if this is a stupid ask, I tried to find...
  15. UwUCarlaUwU

    Where can i Advertise my Youtube Channel?

    is there a specific place where i can advertise it or no?
  16. Pessimism Jester

    How do you gain traction?

    I haven't had a Furaffinity long but I have posted some of my work. unfortunately I find it hard to get eyes on my art or my page in general. On Twitter I can use tags and on deviant art i can post in groups to boost views on my art and I was wondering if there was a similar function on...
  17. DireWolfJ4

    Michigan Furrie Server???

    So i was thinking about joining a furry discord server and one of my friends said i should try joining one thats around the area i live in which is Michigan but i cant seem to find one that is official anywhere, can anyone tell me where i can find it or if they have one.
  18. UwUCarlaUwU

    Sketchbook: plz stop.

    i had 2 predators go after me today, 2! plz stop! i don't want this :(
  19. UwUCarlaUwU

    Can i get help?

    i wanna make my account age 13, i made a misconsception when creating it, can a adminstrator help me out with this plz? i already got mistaken for a 16 year old once :P
  20. AzuelZorro102

    Do you recognize these artworks? (help me find artist credits)

    I've looked everywhere, checked the most popular reverse-image search engines (even more obscure ones), posted on devianart, reddit, furaffinity, nothing helps. Do you recognize these artworks/know the artists who drew them? I've tried looking for the artists' watermarks/signatures but no...