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  1. AzuelZorro102

    Do you recognize these artworks? (help me find artist credits)

    I've looked everywhere, checked the most popular reverse-image search engines (even more obscure ones), posted on devianart, reddit, furaffinity, nothing helps. Do you recognize these artworks/know the artists who drew them? I've tried looking for the artists' watermarks/signatures but no...
  2. Rap Daniel

    I need your opinions!

    In games like War Thunder where I can unlock vehicles from many different countries, I always prefer to unlock American vehicles. Why do you guys think I do that?
  3. UwUCarlaUwU

    How old do you have to be to go to a con without parental supervision?

    Idk im just wondering how old i have to be to go to a con without my parents :P
  4. UwUCarlaUwU

    Any tips on how to be a furry

    idk, im just so confused by all of this cool stuff! I wanna show it to everyone, but my mom hates furries, :P so...any tips on what to do to release my furriness in a safe place, that i won't get judged in?
  5. UwUCarlaUwU

    How do i tell my mom and dad im a furry

    I really want to tell them, but they HATE stuff like this, especially Gays and Transgenders, are there any tips on how to share the good of it and not the bad? help? XD
  6. BunnyMouseFox

    How do you promote your art?

    I work really hard on my art but it gets no likes... I'm really sad because I'm really proud of that stuff and I want to do commissions but I don't have the audience. (Here is my latest work that I am super proud of and a new commission type that I am offering)
  7. Hamza2006

    Need help with my fursona

    So I'm drawing my first fursona as a bat. Biggest problem I'm facing is the wings. Should I give him regular arms and wings attached to the back or should the wings be attached to the arms? I prefer the idea of wings on the arms. Problem here is that I don't see how a fursona with arm-wings can...
  8. K

    How do you change things on mobile?

    I'm new to FA and have no idea on how to change things like if I'm open for commissions or for trades and the like. I also have no idea on how to do icons either. I know you do sometimes in scrap but I don't even see the option to post things on mobile! Please help TT~TT
  9. Kylan Velpa

    Getting started and pricing

    So recently I started practicing more pixel art. I had prior experience, though not much. After making a cute image for my BF on Valentine's day I picked it back up again, and started adapting it into a cute sticker/emote pack for my sona Kylan. People seem to like them a lot, furs and non-furs...
  10. MillerFurry

    Hello guys!

    I'm new and I don't understand much here... I will be happy if you answer my questions! What are commissions and how do they work? Where can I distribute my arts? Why depend on the views on art of furaffinity?
  11. Dieseldarkraven

    Content Filter.

    Something i've been wanting to know is. How old do you have to be to view General, Mature content. I know you have to be 18+ to view General, Mature, Adult content but I don't know the age to view General & Mature content I still have it set for general content only but I've been trying to find...
  12. potato-kun

    I need help making a new sona...

    I'm thinking of making a new sona for myself... a gryphon to be specific. The thing is that I wanna fuse two other breeds of cat and bird. I know the cat half will be either a panther or a tuxedo cat, but I can't for the life of me decide on the bird half ;; does anyone have any good ideas...
  13. Xitheon

    I want to be a rabbit.

    I've been in this community for ages and I've had many attempts at making a fursona that I really feel connected to, that suits me. I've been a fox, a gecko, a snake, a rat, a ferret, a parrot... None of them felt right for me. But it is gradually dawning on me that I am a *huge* rabbit fan...
  14. Canopus the Dreamer

    Fursona Species - Help

    Hi Everyone, After spending a while watching the fandom, I have decided to take the plunge and create a fursona. I am currently stuck on choosing a species. I seemed to have started backwards with a name and a personality. I chose the name Canopus, because its was a lesser known name from...
  15. TheHumanRubberband

    New Orleans Furries Needed!

    My name is Alexander, and while I am not a furry, I do need your help! I am currently writing a play about a couple who lives in New Orleans, and their dog is replaced with a member of the furry community. I have friends who participate in Cons, but I need to learn more about the New Orleans...
  16. Toxicity

    I Need Help Fixing Up My Fursona

    My First Fursona I like its design i made but its not neat and doesn't look presentable and i don't have the skills to improve how it looks. I Don't have good programs to edit it too i will be really grateful if someone could help me
  17. duskyblue

    Looking for betareaders for a furry action script (Violence/Swear warning)

    I've spent a while on this story (spent 3 years world building and changing up story ideas). Ever since I found out about Dan Harmon's story circle, writing has been a ton easier and I finally made a complete and cohesive draft that only took me a week to make (for the first draft). I just...
  18. CuteVixen

    Question about fursuit making

    Hiya I've been working on my first successful fursuit (the others failed cos I found the bucket method hard) and I was wondering where you guys get your buckram? I'm a British furry so I may not know the American stores well, and I pay in £ pounds. I did find buckram here but the thing is, the...
  19. Animela

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency Comms - Starts at $10

    Short Story short, a woman who became a warm home and a stable influence to me in my teenage years, currently has no way to her weekly medical appointments(Dialysis Treatments) because their car broke down. I would be heartbroken if she passed away over something so simple getting in the way...
  20. SHuuN-Arts

    art pricing help?

    here are my prices atm, i need help with them since im not sure if its too high or too low here are my recent arts thank you so much for looking into my thread! i hope you all have a nice day/night^^