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  1. markusblade21

    Trouble creating unique fursona/scalesona

    I have something in mind for a fursona/scalesona, but I find myself stonewalled when it comes to creating something unique. I've tried coming up with different color/aesthetic combos only to find that someone else has already thought of it. I've tried hybridizing different creations only to...
  2. L

    I'm very new to the furry fandom.

    i decided to join the furry fandom, but i shall not call myself a furry (yet), I don't even have a character of my own that i could be. so please help me out! I just love furries, and i want to be one, but i cant even draw originally or know how to make my persona in the first place.
  3. _Rai_

    Drawing Tips? (Beginner Wanting advice)

    A few months ago i started watching anime which inspired me to stop drawing things like cars and objects and start to draw anime and manga, but then i was watching a commentary about furrys so i searched them up and instantly loved them to bits! so i have a little idea on my fursona and i wanna...
  4. P

    How did you go about making your fursona?

    Hey, so I guess since I'm the new kid on the block I don't have a fursona yet. I don't really know where to start other than that it's gonna be a light brown fennec fox. What did you all do to make yours? Also should I use my name for my fursona or make one up?
  5. sarnarus

    Another thread about a first fursona

    I'm pretty artistically retarded, i dont draw and im not exactly creative in a visual way and ive procrastinated actually making my fursona for a looong time now and im pretty much stuck :P i know what species i want at least which is a deer, not sure on the specifics like species or how to make...