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  1. D

    Finding a group/partner to roleplay with (NSFW or Kinky)

    Hi, I am looking for Role Play partner or a group that I can join or start. I like to do a combination of fantasy and sci-fi including fandom as well as other types of role plays. I'm doing just to have fun and have something to do in my free time. This also might be good for me to do to help...
  2. C

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Marika for adoption and Riley for 15$ both

    I´ve been thinking about selling this female herm rat for sometime now. Price for her and 2 other art pieces is 10$. If you buy her I send all those art pieces to you. I´m hoping she´s gonna get new great owner. After you buy her you can do anything with her. Reference is done by: M0rhlis from...
  3. A

    Looking for Role Play partners (NSFW or KINKY) !!!(CLOSED FOREVER)!!!

    Hello, I am looking for Role Play partners, I like to do fantasy, sci-fi, even made up ones. I even like doing 'fandom' and other types of role plays. I am an avid role player, I also like to discuss the Role play on Discord or Telegram, just PM me here! I even have a form: docs.google.com: Rp...
  4. nelody_

    Femboy/Trans Specialist ~ Nelody's YCH's are back open! (NSFW, YCH, ~$20+ SBs)

    Here you can find my ongoing YCH's! (NSFW: nelody - YCH.Commishes ) Here's a link to my FA page: Userpage of nelody -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Note me there on FA if you're interested!~ <3 Some examples (NSFW!!!): www.furaffinity.net: "A Handful and a Mouthful!" ~ for slitzerikai by nelody...
  5. Bonkothebat

    Looking for a artist to do a hyper herm commission

    Hey everybody. I'm looking for a artist to draw my new fursona. (which you can see here: Diana - Refsheet.net What I'm looking for is a single (maybe two) character or ref sheet commission with the all the usual stuff ( headshots, front and back view, close ups ect.) My budget is $50 - $150...
  6. GradianceRadiance

    Looking for an artist for a new herm dragon OC [Closed]

    I've begun making a new character and I've got the written details down, now I need a skilled artist to make what I have come up with. I would like to ask you to link me to some art of dragons you have done when you contact me, more details of my character can be discussed when contacted. The...
  7. Sprite

    Need NSFW Reference for Chubby Herm (CLOSED)

    I recently purchased an adopt and was looking to have it fleshed out and defined better than its original, simplistic picture. The character is a hermaphroditic dragon with a heavyset, chubby build. I'm specifically defining their race as sea dragon. I have some specifications as to exactly how...
  8. Defektess

    'Popsicle' Ych Auction (Open!!)

    Sb Included: Colored Line + Color + Shading + Simple background + You got both slots (main + extra hand) Male/Herm - Any species (furry\anthro\human) - Can change muzzle and paws SB - 20$ Min - 5$ AB - none You can bid here www.furaffinity.net: 'Popsicle' Ych Auction (Open!!) by Defektess
  9. Sombry

    $20 NSFW YCH - Open

    www.furaffinity.net: Good Boy YCH - Open by babybrass (NSFW) Open YCH for $20 USD (via PayPal)! If bought, your character will be drawn in where the sketch is. The sketch is editable for feline characters as well. For $5 USD extra, you can also buy the dom character- but this is only available...
  10. F

    Fused Oneirism

    Hey guys, first post on this site and the first post of many to come, probably. I'm having a little bit of trouble getting any comments or critique whatsoever on my work (outside of my 2 IRL friends who aren't bothered by this sort of stuff), so I figured I'd come here and humbly ask for some...
  11. RoaringFlameCat

    Looking for an artist who likes to draw Chub!

    Hello all! I'm looking for an artist who can draw chubby for me (no heavier than 300 Lbs) I have a herm bear named Lua who doesn't have very much art. I've just come from Anime Central so I'm not in the market at this very moment, but I am still gonna look so when I'm not broke I can get some...
  12. Nacht.Wolf

    Color NSFW pin up auction.

    Auction here - www.furaffinity.net: Adult YCH auction - Come Join Me!! [OPEN] by Nacht.Wolf (NSFW!!!!!) Place your bids on the proper comment on the submission unless you do not have an FA account. ~~~~ Rules ~~~~ Do not bid if you can't afford it. Please don't hide bids/comments Place bids on...