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hi there

  1. ashton the cabbit


    im new and i have no clue what im getting myself into and just wanna have some fun and make new furry freinds i really dont know what to say i mean im a fan of klonoa
  2. Queendin


    Hi! I'm Queen, or Fay(my fursona's name)! I'm a border collie! I'm an animator and illustrator, 24 years old and i'm from Brazil, english is not my first language and my english sucks but you can talk to me if you want to! Oh, my FA username is "gabichan00", checkout my art if you want!
  3. Lovels

    More fresh blood ~

    Hey guys! Nice to meet you all, I'm new-ish to FA and brand new to the forum, so go easy on me. :D Feel free to ask me questions or let me know what's going on with you guys? :cool:
  4. AceofHearts

    Hi, Matthew from the U.S.A.

    Hi, My handle is Ace, Ace of Hearts! Although my given name is Matthew, if you come to know me, I don't care if you call me by my handle or by my given name, Matthew or Matt. A little about me, I'm active duty in the United States Army and I serve in a combat MOS. I've loved furry for so long...
  5. Lil Miss Pasta

    Hullo, everyone! New friends ahoy =3=

    Hi everybody! I just logged on for the first time today, and I just wanted to shoot out a greeting to everyone in this wonderful community~ If you feel like talking or just wanna say hi, shoot me a message either on this thread or toward my Fur Affinity profile here: Userpage of LilMissPasta --...
  6. Sigyn

    Hi :)

    Hi, Not gonna lie, I'm really new to all of this, so please bear with me haha. Call me H! Little about myself, erm, I'm a geek through and through, love video games, TV, films, cosplaying, conventions, anime, just all sorts. I'm currently studying my Masters Degree in TV and Radio...
  7. AcinFox

    im new here

  8. Marsh-Mal-Oh

    Hi, I'm new!

    Hi there guys, I'm new to FA, but not to drawing world! I primarily draw MLP fan art and characters, but I've been slowly expanding out to humans, anthros, chibis, and occasionally dipping into some NSFW art. I'm hoping to find some friends here and get a great start on this site! Please...
  9. Dyrra

    Hi Everybody

    Hello, I'm Dyrra, nice to meet you all. I've been lurking on the main site for a few days now and I'm fairly new to the community too. Everyone's been really friendly so far, so I thought I'd hit up the forums, chat to some people and continue to figure out my fursona properly whilst I'm here...
  10. Majinekos

    Old cringe

    Nothing worth seeing to see here
  11. Keywee612

    New of this thing

    Can something tell me what to do now, I'm new of this thing, so help Me what to do and what to show Still planing make introduce comic my Fursons only thing is I don't know how make A comic I can draw but not a comic unless make koma panel vertical style even that don't know how
  12. Glor666

    Hi there mates!

    Hello! I'm lurking here and there posting something sometimes but never properly introduced myself. Now is the time! I'm Glor and I'm big bad manticore RAWR! :3 I live in a dark and hot cave made of blankets and I have a soft spot for fluffy bunnies and hairy foxes >: F I'm a little bit of an...
  13. Jay Sun

    Howdy! I'm new

    Hey y'all, just wanted to introduce myself here. I'm so completely new to all of this, and I hope to learn about what I need to do to be in this fandom, and also hopen to meet some other furry folks as well. Mayhaps make some friends haha.
  14. aluminumnati


    Hi there! I've had an FA account for years, just never got around to making an FAF account. So here I am! I dunno what to say about me. I'm a lot better at that stuff if there's guiding questions. Ask me stuff if ya wanna know, either here or on FA, I guess?