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  1. Cilenomon

    Main Site Block/Hide user/tags content

    Basically some sort of "hide" or a better block feature. Example: We have User_1 and User_2. User_1 decided to hide User_2 using the "hide" feature. Now, while searching / browsing art on the website, anything made by User_2 wouldn't be shown to User_1. But they could still interact with each...
  2. C

    How to Hide Certain Art Submission Categories from Search?

    Basically, Every time I log into the browse category; there's either feet, hyper, skat/water sports or vore for every other art submission.. Can someone tell me where to find the setting to turn on specified search options to exclude feet, vore, hyper, and skat/water sports from my browsing...
  3. A

    Hidden Users.

    I personally hate when I'm searching a particular theme on FA, only to come across the same image posted multiple times. Why? Because someone who buys a commissions believes it's their right to upload to their gallery. Honestly, that's not really acceptable. The gallery is meant to be for users...