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  1. BlackLynk

    The Lion Guard Rap OPEN COLLAB

    I need rappers knowledgeable about the Lion Guard TV show or any of The Lion King movies I need your creativity and bars https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IOvTrTLXDROxbAixTWv19emR_fF-l5FZ?usp=sharing everything you need is in that document
  2. BlackLynk

    My Cartoon Music Journey Pt.1

    So, as I've been doing for the past decade or so, I'm starting to make some of the BEST music inspired by cartoons, to date. It's going to take a while for people to adjust and get on board, but I'm willing to get doubted and trashed. I've done the research and the potential for this niche of...
  3. NigelMorgan

    Thoughts on the New Gorillaz song/series?

    So I don't know about you guys, but I'm a big Gorillaz fan, and a big fan of Damon Albarn and his work in general. Most of the bands I follow don't release music very often, so whenever they do its like a mini Christmas to me. I was pretty intrigued when Sound Machine was teased and I wasn't...
  4. zoinky

    cool classical/hiphop artist I found

    I thought these guys were pretty neat what do you think :D
  5. Valisha

    Are There Any Dancers In Here

    Just curious. And If so what is your favorite style? I would love to hear from your dance experiences