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  1. AzuelZorro102

    Hiring: CLOSED Looking for anthro sketch pages (30$ budget)

    CLOSED! I found people i'm looking for, thank you! --- I'm looking for anthro/furry sketchpages, preferably with at least two (2) fullbodies, varied poses. Will obviously accept more considering what your previous sketchpages may look like. Well thought-out layout for poses, that's all. My...
  2. I

    All Hipsters Look Alike

    Well, not exactly. However, this story leans towards the argument and makes for quite a good chuckle A man threatened to sue a technology magazine for using his image in a story about why all hipsters look the same, only to find out the picture was of a completely different guy. The story...
  3. FluffyChuck91

    $10 Icon Commissions

    Im opening Icon Commissions for $10! Comment below or PM me if interested!