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hiring sfw

  1. CrimsonWeasel

    Hiring: ($50+) Looking to commission a plush

    Hello, I am looking to commission a plush of Barry the Chopper from fullmetal alchemist. I would like the plush to be maximum 12 inches tall, moderatly detailed, and not poseable. I'm comfortable paying a rough max of 100 dollars, but this can be discussed, as well as a timeline. If I was vague...
  2. Vigil29

    Hiring: ($15+) Looking for Fullbody Anthro Reference[Closed]

    Hello peoples. I'm looking for someone who is willing to draw a fullbody reference of an anthro version of myself. Now this will open and close whenever I make a hire and/or decide to ask for something new. Here are the details: Basics Male anthro bluejay without wings SFW Only Colored Areas...
  3. teacozy1

    Hiring: Looking for an artist (SFW and NSFW are welcome)

    EDIT: Thank you everyone who has posted on here. I've found an artist to commission. Hello all you lovely artists~! Alright first I'm gonna start off by saying my budget is $80. So what I'm looking for is a piece with this lovely couple bellow. One is a traditional unicorn and the other is a...