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  1. Phase2

    Hiring: ($150+) LF artist to draw a Demon Doctor and his Human Patient

    I am looking for a 2 character fully finished illustration with a background. I am looking for cellshaded or painting styles mostly, but I am not picky on any particular style. feel free to post anything you're offering These two characters: https://toyhou.se/2946689.whorker Demon doctor -...
  2. MrSilverFox

    Hiring: ($50+) Closed - Fullbody, SFW, Beach Scene Commission (Preferably less than $100, but we'll see)

    Hello! I was wanting to see about getting a commission gift for a friend of mine who's been having a rough time. This is the character: https://gyazo.com/7f03ae913a9169b849d53f342dd229d5 They are a big fan of like marine life and water. So I was wanting to do something of them on a beach...
  3. T

    Hiring: Looking for artist to make a new image mostly resembling CGI (Fetish Related)

    Hello. I am looking for someone who would be able to create an image, relating to weight gain, that resembles CGI. Not so much the head of the one in the image, but rather the body, or more so the fat that would look like CGI. Particularly with taking the character below, shown in live-action...
  4. Zerafa

    Hiring: ($100+) [Closed] New Fur looking for Character Design/ Ref Sheet creation and some answers (SFW, 80$-150$)

    Greetings, been messing around with furry stuff for a few years now and with lockdown around finally decided to explore the fandom further. On that note: Hey everyone, nice to meet you! Concerning the commission, it'd be my first character (species is eurasian lynx) and I only have a few...
  5. Pthumerian

    {CLOSED} Hiring: (Budget ≤$40) Silly meme pic with my fursona

    Hey all! Just want a silly meme pic with my bun fursona in this image https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/672297221726928927/787893259430133811/c970b5b35bdc635b04a44d10c9809a2547f8dd8d.png Photoshop manipulation or recreating the original is acceptable to me since I realize manipulating...
  6. YPestis

    Hiring: ($25) Anthro MLP Artist

    My first thread here, I hope I'm doing this right! So basically I have this pony OC, Ember Song: https://toyhou.se/7623811.ember-song#24724461 https://toyhou.se/7623811.ember-song#29174609 And I would like to get an anthro style bust or a thigh-up of her, sort of like these...
  7. Sirhorsealot


    I recently got a ref sheet for a character that's been floating around in my head for a while. However, I'm looking for a new one thanks to my brain changing up her design a bit, as well as the artist of my previous sheet taking a few creative liberties along the way; liberties that, while I...
  8. DeadSpaceBro

    Hiring: Hiring an Artist for NSFW / SWF (Elder Scrolls / Khajiit), Price Range $30 - $150+ (CLOSED)

    First off, if you're an artist coming into this thread- THANK YOU for stopping by to read this. I appreciate each and every one of you guys. <3 Second time making a thread like this, so if it's not exactly organized or perfect, I apologize in advance. If you have any questions for me, please...
  9. C

    Hiring: [$100+] Writer for human/dragon romance visual novel

    Hi! I'm working on a small visual novel, which is a teen dating sim/romance between a human girl (protagonist) and different dragons. I'm looking for a writer that can write teen romance and has a love of dragons themselves. A knowledge of visual novels would be very helpful. As this is a...
  10. A

    Hiring: Cub Spanking Story

    Hello there its been a while but i am back looking for artists to write a story about my characters Axel and Grace earning a spanking. Is anyone interested? Price can range from $30 to $50 to possibly more. Please send me a message if interested. Thank you
  11. SpottedLaughter

    Hiring: Looking for a NSFW commission for my fiancé and I. Budget: $50 - $200

    Thank you everyone for coming out and applying for this commission. I REALLY appreciate everyone who posted and messaged me, you all made it such a challenge to actually pick someone. I've gone ahead and sent a message to the artist I've chosen and to everyone else, thank you very much! I'll...
  12. FlooferWoofer

    Hiring: B> New/Used Fursuits ($1,500-3,000) Budget increased.

    Hi all! -^w^- As the title suggests, I'm looking to buy a used suit with my disposable income and I don't care anymore how anymore. If you are struggling to make ends meet and feeling desperate, feel free to DM me with pictures of your suit, references, and a price and maybe we can work...
  13. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet and a /slight/ character change ~$100+

    The gist of what I'm looking for: Two fullbody views with some alts. Around five? (depending on price ofc) A clothing alt and then very minor nsfw changes NSFW needed as well as someone who is comfortable/good at drawing and/or designing clothing. The character in question: art credit...
  14. MysticalSkittle

    Hiring: Hiring outfit commission | Maybe $30ish? -closed-

    Looking for someone to do a quick commission for me in the style of 'Ultimate Mating League' fun little concept created by Professor E-Girl (@the_dogsmith) on Twitter Needing someone who is good/comfortable at drawing and designing clothing. price is negotiable of course.
  15. HugtheBunny

    Hiring: Bunny SFW & NSFW Commissions [$100-$200+]

    Hello! My name is Sophie and I'm looking to commission artwork of my bunny sona of the same name. You can get in touch with me here or easily though : Discord: Bunny#7238 Telegram: Bunnerz Artists FAQ: > Can I share this or post it as my own work wherever I want? Of course, any work I...
  16. sshado

    Hiring: SFW & NSFW Commissions [$150-$300]

    Hello, my name is Artemis and I'm looking to commission a bunch of artwork. You can get in touch with me easily through: Discord: sshado#0001 Telegram: @pixeloxin Slots: (July 6, 2020): I have a couple more slots open. I'm reaching out to some of the artists who replied to me now. Please DM...
  17. N

    Looking to start commissioning a multi part nsfw story

    it will involve a fantasy setting regarding a male human slave captured and sold to a tribal like group of werewolves (one of note being a female kitsune werewolf), some nagas, and a male dragon as their leader. The tribe plans to use the human as physical labor, in more ways than one. Magic...
  18. Phase2

    Hiring: 100$ price range - bondage (SFW)

    hey there! I'm looking for something SFW and sinister (blood/wounds is allowed) of an evil and strictly bound demon. similar to this sketch- but not needing to be the same. (artistic freedom is welcome) of this character Grieve on Toyhouse looking for any style! roughly 100$ price range...
  19. Savallah

    Hiring: Looking for two icons (50$ +)

    Hello there! Due that it is Pride Month I am searching for two icons with this two characters. The bug monster one with Nonbinary flag and the dragon one with Rainbow flag. Budget is 25$ per icon + (which means for two icons I am ready to pay 50$+ without a problem). Please note, this is a...
  20. EagleTheCheetah

    Hiring: Ref Sheet Needed (CLOSED)

    What I'm looking for: • A refsheet that features anthro/feral forms of my cheetah. SFW version, and an NSFW version, multiple views. • An experienced furry artist, well versed in anatomy, and can draw big cats very well. - I appreciate beginner artists! But since this is a more technical ref...