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  1. ScarClaw

    Survey - The Structure of the Fandom

    I'm doing a survey to study how the fandom is structured and organized. I plan on using this data to help with a theory I am working on. It will also be used to understand the history being created with each passing day in the fandom. I've been interested in furry history for years, making...
  2. D

    Viking Thread

    My interest in Norse mythology has lead me to learn a lot about the Vikings, and I wanted to make a thread were we can all learn about them and share our interests. Share art, historical facts, stories, opinions, photos, and sources. I'm enthusiastic about the subject, so I'll be participating...
  3. Ovidia Dragoness

    Family History

    What is your family history? Below I'll tell my story and then you can tell yours My family was actually in America long before the revolutionary war, and when it happened, my forefathers were there on the front lines fighting for freedom. Fast forward a bit and it gets a tad worse. Some of my...
  4. KimberVaile

    Thread for History Enthusiasts

    For all 3 of you that take an interest in history. Anyways, if you have a passing interest in history, I encourage you to post a few little tidbits you found particularly interesting A few areas I am particularly strong in historically speaking include the history of the European Classical age...
  5. Trevorbluesquirrel

    PC Favorites Problem!

    I'm running Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11. Recently, I had to temporarily disable Internet Explorer, and reset some of the features afterward! Well, their's one I couldn't get to work properly again, the Star Icon on the top right that says ''VIEW FAVORITES, FEEDS, AND HISTORY!'' It used to...
  6. K

    Working on Furry Fandom History video!

    So i decided to make a 3 or 4 part series about the history of the Fur Fandom itself (1976 to 2019) I already did the first part today, i didn't want to do my algebra homework (idk any of it, forgot it all) but, anyway, it would take a while for me to finish everything as this is a pretty big...
  7. larigot

    Sketchbook: Historical Figures

    My newest drawing subject is anthropomorphized historical figures. This thread will be where I periodically post updates. @Sqizzle came up with bulldog churchill :)
  8. larigot

    Historical Figures as Anthro's

    I'm planning to make a series of drawings about historical figures as anthro's. The first one is about El Cid as an Andalusian horse. So what would certain famous past and present people look like if they were anthropomorphized? Theodore Roosevelt would be a teddy bear, obviously.
  9. kalid

    Who were the earliest performing bands/musicians in the Fandom?

    Lately, I've been searching for live recordings and/or music by a furry musician named CZG; I first saw him perform at a convention back in October 1994, and I even bought a vinyl record of his music. Unfortunately, I've since lost that record & it seems that his entire discography has fallen...
  10. C

    100th anniversary of WWI

    I would like everyone to know that tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. One of the worst tragedies in human history ended a century ago tomorrow and I would appreciate if you all showed a little respect for this special occasion.
  11. tigerjieer

    Furry Nation

    I just finished reading "Furry Nation: The True Story of America's Most Misunderstood Subculture" by Joe Strike. It was a great introduction to the fandom, covering a broad range of topics, from artists to therians. I was especially interested in the history, to learn where this fandom came...
  12. HistoricalyIncorrect

    Military Marches

    Is anyone interested in marches like i am? If yes then please share the ones you like. Doesn't matter what nation and political views or time period.
  13. pimpartist

    Custom Coat of Arms Commissions!

    I am offering custom coat of arms commissions, based on your fursona. Price: 60 USD Examples: Absolutely everything about your commission is customizable: shield, supports, decorations, helmet, motto etc. I can also offer assistance with choosing the best colors, symbols, decoration etc to...
  14. HistoricalyIncorrect

    Are people interested in history?

    Good day to you sir/madam. Lately i have observed that more and more people hardly give attention to their history and consider it sometimes almost like fantasy and not important thing at all. i have also met people that are really into history of their origins and also other...
  15. Black Burn

    Eastern Block times...

    Some furries sayed that they would to see a thread where I would tell about communist times in Poland etc. Well.. There are some difficulties fir me 1. Language, translating, my english is not the best etc. 2. I don't know everything about it, so don't treat me like an expert But if you're...
  16. GenkeiZwei

    Tenso Koumori, My bat fursona

    Name: Tenso Last-name: Koumori Nicknames: Mori, X-so Species: Bat Age: 20 Birthplace: Japan Height: 176 Cm Wight: 65-70 kg Body type: Slim athletic Quirks: Tenso has 3 normal fingers and 2 extreamly long ones to which his wings are connected. His wings are also connected to his body, making it...
  17. JoeStrike

    My first podcast (Also, "buy the book, get the comic free!")

    I did my first podcast ever, on this past Saturday night's "FurCast.fm" to talk about Furry Nation, which is just a little over 2 weeks away from its print publication. If you want to give it a listen, you can download it at Furry Trafficking | FurCast I made a spur-of-the-moment offer on the...
  18. pimpartist

    Historical and Military Commissions!

    Heya! I do military and historical work! Check out my pricelist and examples below: Here are some examples of my military/historical illustration work, with uniforms from different countries and time periods: Check out my FA for more examples of my work: Userpage of pimpartist -- Fur...
  19. JoeStrike

    "Furry Nation" publication date rapidly approaching!

    Furry Nation, my history of the fandom will be published as a Nook/Kindle eBook on September 10, then as a paperback on October 10. I've been working on this sucker on and off since 2008, give or take a year. Being a "greymuzzle" I was lucky enough to stumble into the fandom in 1988 when...
  20. V

    Which Comes First

    Hello all, I have a question. Did you create your fursona's backstory and post it first or did you have artwork commissioned (or done yourself) before you let others know their backstory? I'm asking because I already have a sufficiently detailed backstory for my fursona, but I have no artwork...