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  1. gabbo13

    Do you usually draw for a hobby or for a living?

    I'm opening this question about how do you relate when you draw and how often you do it when you have a time to express yourself.
  2. TyraWadman

    Resin Newbie

    Would the correct term be epoxy resin, or resin? Is there a difference? Early pandemic I bought a 3D pen and was looking into making some resin art with it. But I know nothing about it, or what some of the basic tools I will need. Any and all advice is appreciated! A lot of the websites that...
  3. gabbo13

    I'm going to draw again after years after giving it up, any tips?

    It's not a long story in this thread, but I initially started to interest in drawing when I was in 8th or 9th grade at shcool with the manga and anime stuff, in which I started learning though books and some websites until I left during the college years. The real thing is I want to draw after...
  4. Nexus Cabler

    What are your hobbies?

    I'm willing to bet a thread like this has been made in the past, but I feel it's better not to necro it. Anyway, I'd like to know what the members of this forum enjoy doing and are interested in. For me, it used to be art. I did it for a while, before my tablet broke. Apart from that, I like...
  5. Matt the Terrier

    Railroad Furry Discord Server

    For the past couple of months, I have been managing a Discord server for Railroad Furries: furries who like trains [and cars and boats and planes, lol]. MetroFox and ConorHyena have both joined, so they could tell you what it's like, and while we're a small group, we're a decent group...
  6. Axleonder

    We brag up a woman's hobby. She attacks us for it.

    This is what happens when you do a hangout video, spelling the difference in the way society teats men and women for their hobbies. We reference this Victorian-era "dress-up" channel, priorattire—saying nothing but kind things to her—and she finds out about us, and attacks us, with her merry...
  7. Sirocco~

    Husband Daycare Now Available at Hobby Lobby

    U.S.—In a move to help oppressed husbands who are forced to walk around the craft store in a daze for hours as they lose all sense of time and space, Hobby Lobby has unveiled its new husband daycares at all of its U.S. stores. babylonbee.com: Husband Daycare Now Available At All Hobby Lobby...
  8. Jaredthefox92

    What do you like to write in your leisure?

    Like, what type of genre are you into? What type of writing style or characters do you like? If you created your own stories universe, what's it like?
  9. Behemoth89

    What would YOU do when YOU have free time

    Topic "Free time". I wanna say not only weekend but also waiting time for some one ,some thing. _My personal opinion that Time is so precious. Now I'm reading book when I 'm waiting to get unemployment benerfit. :)AND YOU?
  10. K

    My Tumblr :/

    Follow my blog on tumblr please :) Log in | Tumblr
  11. inferno_the_dragon_wolf

    Music when [insert hobby]

    I’m a very curious person and couldn’t tell if this was the right place to post this, but here goes. What do you listen to when you are doing your art, stories, gaming, animations and so on? When I write, I usually pick one song and repeat it until I finish what I am writing about, especially...
  12. Skychickens

    Weird hobbies

    Not counting this one. You know. Being a furry. Or yiff. If we allowed those we’d all be posting that. ;) What kind of hobbies do you have your friends, family, or even the fandom seems to think is weird. One of my main ones is I’m a pretty avid aquarist. I used to have five fish tanks but I...
  13. Night.Claw

    What did you collect?

    I'm kinda curious. As my grandfather used to say, every single person collect something. It can be small and large, as long as it is collectable. Some collect old coins, others collect old cars. So, i'm a curious person, and i wonder... Do you guys like small/large collectibles? It can be...
  14. DarkoKavinsky

    Any bladesmiths or metal workers out there?

    *drops the ceiling!* Hello! I have an inquiry if there's anybody who has ever hammered or forged metal amongst our midst. This is something I really want to get into, so I am curious if anybody else out there does this on the side or even has a collection of nice blades and etc. It doesn't...
  15. T

    Sexy Furry Action Figures?

    Hey there! First thread here for me, hope this goes well! So, anybody who's seen my user page on the site would probably guess just what I'm going on about, but I'll spell it out a bit. I'm a toy collector, and while I usually focus on Transformers and the occasional sexy superheroine action...
  16. AustinB

    Do you have any hobbies outside of being a Furry?

    Examples: Watching Anime, Playing/Watching Sports, Reading, Writing, Collecting Items, Listening to Music, Playing Video Games, Drawing, Hunting, Watching TV Shows/Movies, Working Out, Fashion etc. I'm kinda curious as to what hobbies you guys have besides being a Furry. After all, having just...