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  1. Liseran Thistle

    The Homestuck Epilouges!

    I feel I have to talk about this just once, but as a long time Homestuck fan I have to say that the Epilouges are everything I ever wanted and more. The friendsim and Hivewap are both great, but the Epilouge is the first piece of content we've gotten that feels completely and unappologetically...
  2. Hipstersoulgushers


    Hey, I'm needing to get a start with getting commissions online I will sketch you a drawing of an oc or character being cute or really cool!!! for 10$!!!! I will haggle down to 5$ depending on the subject. vvvv Here is some of my work! vvvv if you want something more finished ask me about...
  3. W

    Homestuck related fursonas?

    I'm just wondering 1) if there are many Homestuck fans on this website and 2) if anyone thinks it would be a cool idea to base a fursona or character off of the trolls in Homestuck. This is just a fun idea thread I guess, but yeah.
  4. binjiarts

    $20 Feral/Anthro Shaded Fullbodies 2 Slots

    im currently willing to do an SFW feral or anthro fullbody with a simple bg for 20 dollars. pieces will look similar to this: **i will either take an upfront payment or a half payment before i start and a half payment after i send a WIP**
  5. kaewaii

    Sketch and Paint Commissions ($10&up)

    Note I will draw nsfw, but I won't draw any kink that sexualizes minorities or children. (Things like F*ta and Lolicon aren't acceptable.) I prefer to be paid upfront, but we can negotiate the method of which payment is dispersed. I'm flexible on this one. Paypal only though. If you want...
  6. Tunaboy

    Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy Suit and Crabdad from Homestuck Suit for Sale!

    $400 for Crabdad $600 for Foxy Here is my description for Crabdad: Now I spent a lot of effort and time on this guy, and this is not the most flattering picture of him, since it was actually after a long day at a convention many years ago, but I am indeed selling my Crabdad suit from homestuck...