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  1. MaxisDeimos

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Auction YCH realistic Portrait 30 $ (Galaxy hoodie or Cloud Suit)

    Hello everyone, I have done these clothes designs for a Your Character Here/YCH auction. 1- Cloud suit 2- Galaxy sweater/hoodie The price starts at 30$ USD, autobuy at 60$ USD for each. They are disponible till the next week or till they are bought. If no one makes a bid I'll close after...
  2. SharpUnforgiven

    (Base/YCH) Selling: tiger hoodie ($15-$20)

    can fit any character - male/female - furry, human, etc. - hoodie and stripes can be custom colors - do require visual ref - prices will range from 15-20 based on character complexity - all payments will be via paypal
  3. Cosmic-FS

    Custom Fursona Hoodie

    I'm looking to get myself a good quality custom hoodie based around my fursona. If you're a talented seamster, send me your examples and prices. Ref sheet: What I want: Color and pattern match Faux fur around the collar Pointed hood (think Assasin's Creed) Elbow feathers included Unisex...
  4. MoonButt

    Custom Fursona Hoodie or Partial?

    Hello! I've been looking to buy a Custom hoodie or partial of my Fursona for awhile. Now that i have the funds to actually order one (i think). I'm looking for an awesome creative creator to do this for me! (More so looking for a reasonable quote as well). Since i don't really know how much one...