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  1. Beatle9

    What's the scariest nightmare you've had?

    I love hearing stories about dreams people have had, and I love horror. So let's combine the two; what nightmare still disturbs you just thinking about it? Mine probably doesn't sound that interesting at first. I can't exactly remember what led up to this, but in the dream I was being chased by...
  2. DuranWolf

    What's your favorite scary movie?

    Do you like scary movies? I love them! My all time favorite horror film is John Carpenter's The Thing (1982). I first saw it when I was 11 years old on cable many moons ago. It scared me a lot and gave me nightmares for many weeks. It was awesome. So, what's your favorite scary movie of...
  3. ChapterAquila92

    Things You Enjoy Far More Than You Probably Should

    Edna Mode, the poster girl for disturbingly manic enthusiasm Have you ever had moments where you can't help but break out into a fit of child-like, enthusiastic, and/or near-psychotic glee over something, much to the horror of everyone else? Preferably something other than blatant fetish...
  4. J

    [RP] Episode 3 - One More Ride Through Hell

    Jin springs up from his bed, shocked, startled and confused all at the same time, as he looks around. However, the first thing he notices is that he isn't even on a bed. The moment his paws touch the area he was laying on, he immediately notices that it was the ground. He takes a look at his...
  5. AxelRunehoof

    [$50 dollar budget negotiable] Semi-Realistic Gore piece

    Good evening, I was looking for an artist who would like to draw my bull character SFW REFERENCE NSFW REFERENCE hung up on a meat hook and cut in half, not decapitated, and labeled like a beef cuts chart. Even his organs are off to the side and labeled ("Tripe" for the intestines, "Rocky...
  6. Laphin

    ALBINO LULLABY | Full Playthrough (PC)

    Hey all you gaming fuzzies! I do a full run through of Albino Lullaby. This is my first time experiencing the game so everything is raw. It was all livestreamed to my live chat via Youtube Gaming. If you guys like my channel, stay subscribed, I always talk to my viewers!
  7. Rmania

    Really terrible horror movie recommendations

    I enjoy watching terrible horror movies, the ones that are so bad, sound so ridiculous that they are pure genius. I mean movies like Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Wasp Woman, The Killer Shrews, Snakes on a Train, Killer Condom etc, they are a guilty pleasure from time to time. So I throw this...
  8. Laphin

    Furries Into Horror and/or Gaming

    Hey you guys! I wanted to connect with some of you furs out there that may be into horror movies and video games. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to connect to those into the Horror/Halloween scene. I have worked in haunted houses and theme parks, grew up with horror and video games, and...
  9. Osrik

    This House Has People in It

    So, I just saw this new Adult Swim short film a few days ago, its a bit similar to some of their other shorts like Too Many Cooks and Unedited Footage of a Bear, but even stranger. Thought that some of you might want a bit of surrealist horror: (and it gets even weirder beyond the video...
  10. TJwolf123

    Terrorcraft: The #1 Minecraft Horror Modpack!

    So I recently started playing Minecraft again, and a modpack that I love and suggest to all horror fans out there has just now released a trailer for their server! The server has in-game money currency as well as a quest system! Special weapons and tools are included in the modpack as well...
  11. Sparks-Litepaw

    Horror Short Stories

    Hi there. Looking to write some horror shorts, and looking at perhaps doing a few trades! I was planning them to be about 1000 words minimum. I have a few scenarios that i'd write but you can suggest/request some if you wish. Basically, i'd like to have your characters involved. It allows me...