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  1. Szynia Traniru

    Szyn’ Pub ‘n’ Inn (18+)

    Welcome to Szyn’ Pub ‘n’ Inn! Where the drinks are unlimited until midnight central standard time and the food is made to order. Come on down and be served until you’re ready to pass out and then do so in one of our upstairs rooms! There are a few rules however: -Absolutely! No! Drama! -No...
  2. SpunSugar

    Space Available at Westin for Anthrocon 2018

    I still have room in my hotel at the Westin for Anthrocon. I am a 28 year old female and a vendor in the dealers room. The room is for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night checking out Monday morning.
  3. T

    Looking for Roommates for MFF 2018!

    Yea I know, asking about it right before the 2017 show, ahaha.... I'm in need of splitting hotel costs at Midwest Furfest next year! I'm going to try selling there for the first time, and the hotel costs are a little pricey. It's going to be my mother an I, and I'd prefer other girls in the...
  4. E

    Looking for possible roommates for FurReality in Cincinnati, OH

    Hello all. I don't post to the FA forums that often (or at all really) but I figured due to the high volume of people here I may as well give this a shot. My close friend shifterfur and I are currently seeking 2-3 people to room with us for FurReality. For those of you who aren't familiar with...
  5. furnacedragon

    FBlackLight con 6th edition

    Hi Furries! Joint us for FBL6, a French con near paris with activities, dance an hotel. More information in the site : forumanthrofur.wixsite.com: Fursuit Black Light See you there ! :p
  6. StingReyFox

    Anthrocon 2017 Room-Sharing...

    (Prior message: Maryland area. It helps.) I know this is way early but, currently I'm trying to get some people to help a friend of my to even the hotel cost at Anthrocon 2017, before January 1st for discounts. If any early birds are interested in room-sharing to cut down costs, please PM or...
  7. Hulex

    Furpocalypse 2016: Room Needed for One

    Hey so I'm a bit desperate at this point to have this squared away, posting here for maximum visibility. I usually have a room squared away for this con but several balls have been dropped. I have two fursuits (one full, one partial) but I'm not really planning on bringing a ton of stuff. Bed...
  8. spectre626

    Need a room for MFF

    Looking for a room with space for 2. Male and a female, one suiter. We'd like to find a room at the Hyatt, I'll be volunteering again. But if you have a room in the Hilton we could make that work just as well. Please let us know if you have an opening, we're easy going and long as the room is...
  9. SpunSugar

    Anthrocon: Room Space Available At Marriott Pittsburgh City Center

    I have a room available at the Marriott Pittsburgh City Center. The room is for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday(checking out on Sunday). The room is $132 per person. I have 2 slots left remaining. Here are the rules: You must be AT LEAST 18 years old. I prefer someone at least 21, but 18 is...