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  1. F

    Where has your sona been/lived?

    Self explanatory - where has your sona lived in the past and where at right now? Born in: Reapers March of Tamriel... once known as Northern Valenwood. Moved to: Skyrim of Tamriel, in a village called Riverwood. Moved to: the tropical islands of Sulani. Currently: Stranded on an island in the...
  2. Xitheon

    Need advice (life stuff)

    I'm moving out into a new property after spending a year with my parents, having being evicted from my last house. I also have a small group of pets/companion animals and I'm not sure if it would be fair of me to take them away from my parent's house as the two birds I own have bonded with my...
  3. Tallow_Phoenix

    How to draw interesting houses/architecture?

    I like making visual representations of places for my writing, but to be honest, I just don't really get architecture. Usually, when I draw houses in a village or something, I default to the standard gingerbread house design: four walls, slanted roof, chimney, overall square shape. The same goes...
  4. Ashwolves5

    MTV Cribs... but with Furry Stuff?

    I've been wanting to see what other furry households/rooms are like. I feel like my house is an immediate aura of furry as you come in. Actually.... I have stuff in the garden too; all foxy. I may make some content on all of it later to share. Right now though, I want to see all of your...
  5. A

    Furry Birthday in Abandoned House

    We've all seen the photo, but does anyone actually know anything about its origins?
  6. GoingSwimmingly

    [OPEN] Biosphere Life

    Far away from human civilization lies a utopia called The Biosphere. It was built for anthropomorphic creatures by anthropomorphic creatures in order to make a society where they could live their lives untainted by humanity. They created biomes that suited every creatures needs, from the biggest...
  7. AustinB

    What does your dream house look like?

    Me personally, I’d love to live in the tropics. Maybe the Bahamas or Jamaica. I love tropical areas. They’re just so beautiful to me. I wouldn’t want anything like a mansion or whatever. Too much area that I wouldn’t use and way too much money in terms of price and bills/maintenance/whatever...
  8. Okamio

    Do you like electronic dance music with a hint of gaming melody?

    If you like techno, trance, house, or video game remixes, then you my friend should check out my submissions on furaffinity. Or... go to my soundcloud page for even more! www.soundcloud.com: BPositiv3 If you want to critique, please be considerate and not a troll. Thanks! RAVE ON!
  9. FonzieThSuperWizard

    My music I created. :3 (FonzieTheSuperWizard)

    I create music. I hope it's okay to post this. SFW and enjoy!! =D Also, my songs have new song names. 1. 9th Dimension Menu (Hit Pawse) 2. Fonzie (Easter Egg Bonus) 3. V. G. A. F. A! (Video Games Are Freaking Awesome!) :3