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how to draw

  1. stellatae

    Questions from a new NSFW Artist :)

    Hi everyone! I want to start this by mentioning it's my first time posting here so if I mess up somehow I apologize! I am a brand new digital artist who has just started a little over 2 months ago and I can see myself improving. I started with SFW works, and still do them, but I've fallen in...
  2. connortheskunk

    How to draw fur lines (video)

    Just found this on YouTube and as someone who has never drawn animals before a couple months ago this seems like it would be incredibly helpful!! Hopefully if I post it here someone else will also find it helpful, too.
  3. furryfilth

    How to draw Dutchies?

    I've been experimenting with my DAD Tofu and I'm wondering if anyone knows of quick shape bases (circles and lines and shit) for drawing anthro dutchies? I can manage the heads pretty well from the side with two circles but I have a hard time proportioning the shoulders and arms. Any advice is...