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  1. Sledge_Husky 04

    How to make friends?

    Hello all!!! I am quite literally the most antisocial person to ever exist, and i see alot of people saying that the furry fandom is so welcoming, so I have to ask, how do i go about making "furry" friends? irl i have 2 friends, and they have been my friend for along time, and they arent into...
  2. Sven "ATDX" Reinold

    Skinnies, Slimies, Nakies?

    There are Furries. People that like anthropomorphic Animals that have a fur. There are Scalies. People that like anthropomorphic Animals that have scales. But how do you call people that like characters with feathers or slime or neither of these? Nakies? Skinnies? Slimies and Featheries? Who can...
  3. Hopei

    Drawing and Painting Vidio Tutorials

    what it says on the tin. Not for streams or podcasts, but feel free to share directional and informational (maybe Q n A?) videos that can pertain to anthro art. I mostly watch realistic than stylised tutorials, would love to know more animal/anthro focuse ones out their Here are a few off the...
  4. Ovidia Dragoness

    What is up with all the random ad threads?

    Why does everyone try to use this place like an ad banner?
  5. dogryme6

    So, like... (How to deal with a heavy situation)

    How the hell do I deal with depressed people? I am not emotionally smart. I get irritated easily, I hold honesty at high value and tell it like it is all the time, maybe I'm even a bit pessimistic and negative myself. Hell, I've even seen a case not too long ago where someone clearly needed some...
  6. Impulse-8

    How to describe kobolds to non-D&D people?

    "They're like the seven dwarves from Snow White, but with scales. And they don't sing. And they're an uneven mix of the Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, and Bashful dwarves."
  7. ColorfullCute

    Should I cut my hair?

    My hair is really long and will stick out of the head I made. I made the head a little to small to put my hair up. I really did not think my head would not be that small... I am going to make more heads and will where my heads out at cons and stuff and I don't think it looks really good to have...
  8. WolfenMara

    How to generate customers?

    Welp I never knew there was a forum here until today. But um, hi! I've been drawing for almost all of my life! I love it, live for it basically. But I'm totally stumped right now. How do I draw attention to my work? I struggle to get feedback on DA and even here on FA, and it's recently been a...