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human art

  1. divinedust

    $10 Anthro / human chibi commissions!

    Hi! So i'm in a bit of a tight home situation and i really need to make some money for myself. I'm doing chibi commissions for $10 each! I really need to make at least $50 soon, so I'd very much appreciate the help! I will do: Light nudity Light gore I will NOT do: Bigoted/racist/homophobic &...
  2. lochsnesmonster

    Human and Fursona Commissions! ($5-$35usd)

    Hi I'm selling digital art of OC's and stuff! I will draw: Humans Furries Scalies Any type of anthro really Mecha Armor Mild suggestiveness I will NOT draw: Explicit NSFW Pretty much any fetish Anything morally wrong or illegal (I shouldn't have to explain this one further) | Paypal | Ko-Fi...
  3. Silvv

    15$ Portrait commissions /Furry and humanoid/

    Hi everyone! I'm opening my store again~Since Christmas is coming I decided to take few commissions, because I'm going to have some free time so why not >uó Commission info: I'll take portrait commissions of humanoid characters and furries. I prefer payment with USD via paypal. You can...
  4. R

    Seeking Humanoid Icon

    Hello there! I was previously on FA but quit that account to reconstruct a new one, and in doing so, created a brand new mascot I need some art of! Primarily I'm looking for an icon right now! I've got a budget anywhere from as low as $5 USD to as high as $20 USD, but I'll go a little higher...
  5. RubieOnyx

    NFSW Bombshell

    Heyo again~! So! Looking for an artist who's comfy doing some NSFW work for me. Not looking for anything in terms of fetishes or something crazy like that. I'm comfy with whatever limits that you may have and I do have references of what I would like. What I have is an adorable and smexy human...
  6. RubieOnyx

    Human Island Hottie

    Heyo! How's it going everyone!? I'm here in the prospect of hiring an artist. This character that I have in mind, happens to be a hooman! Or human... A person walker with two legs and no fur! Oooohh. Anyway, I have been roleplaying with this character for quite some time and I think that right...
  7. seafoamsundays

    Comissions (Humans/Furries) OPEN

    doing cheap fullbodies, chibis, and icons! here are some examples from my FR account! (characters don't belong to me! fullbody - $10 Chibi - $6 or, you could get a set of icons! set of icons - $5 please provide 1-2 references of whatever you'd like me to draw + id rather...
  8. sxilin

    j's comms { $15-25 }

    hello, i'm jelli and i'd love to draw for you! all of my links are sfw. you can read my full commission information here. payments must be made through paypal with invoices. more samples of my art can be found on my twitter and at my furaffinity. thanks for looking!
  9. kireann

    I'm new artist here :)

    Hello! I want to invite you to my FA page and to this thread. I'm still new here and I'd be glad if you support me ^^ Userpage of arastasya -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I hope you'll enjoy my art ^^
  10. Seiko


    Hello, I am looking to hire someone who can draw humans and can do a reference sheet. I currently am just looking, I really don't have a budget rn, I don't plan on spending more than 60$. I would like to pay around 30-40$. Again, I won't be hiring right away, chances are you can drop your...
  11. estiniens

    Estiniens' Commissions - OPEN

    Before you commission me, please take a look at my Terms of Service! Hello and thank you for taking a look at this journal! I'm Brent, and I'm a freelance artist who has recently made some drastic changes with my galleries and market, and I'm attempting to make a brand new start for myself! As...
  12. Stormwhiskers

    Digital Commissions ($5-$50)

    New and updated commission store! General Info * Payment through Paypal in USD *SFW * I will draw human/anthro/feral/taur *I will draw fanart * All commissions will come with both flat and transparent background versions *I will draw different ages and body types, though not massively...
  13. A

    LF Human Artist

    Hey, so I really need a better official reference of one of my human characters. It'll be simple 1-2 views with a headshot (maybe a chibi too). Can be realistic or not. I'm honestly not too picky on that My budget is $150 at this moment. Also here's what I do have at this moment. I will send...
  14. Tamaj

    Cheap Commissions/YCH's

    Hello Everyone! I am here to start selling some commissions for cheap and YCH's! You can find my profile on FA here; Userpage of tamaj -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am available for SFW/NSFW Comissions! I draw Furries and Humans My prices are as follows; Sketches- 10$ Lineart-20$ Flat...
  15. Souva

    ISO Human Art

    Hello! I'm soooo sorry to bumble in here asking for freebies before even finishing what I've offered (sorry... I'm slow lol) but I have a new character whom I love to pieces and is actually my first human one. As I can't draw humans for shit, I would love just a nude fullbody pic of him to use...
  16. T


    Hello everyone! I made a thread before but it wasn't really done well or sorted out correctly. I'm trying to a better one now in hopes it'll actually take off, because like everyone else in the world, I need money, and I'm willing to do artwork for it. Most of my examples are of human-esque...