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human art

  1. Stormwhiskers

    Digital Commissions ($5-$50)

    New and updated commission store! General Info * Payment through Paypal in USD *SFW * I will draw human/anthro/feral/taur *I will draw fanart * All commissions will come with both flat and transparent background versions *I will draw different ages and body types, though not massively...
  2. A

    LF Human Artist

    Hey, so I really need a better official reference of one of my human characters. It'll be simple 1-2 views with a headshot (maybe a chibi too). Can be realistic or not. I'm honestly not too picky on that My budget is $150 at this moment. Also here's what I do have at this moment. I will send...
  3. Tamaj

    Cheap Commissions/YCH's

    Hello Everyone! I am here to start selling some commissions for cheap and YCH's! You can find my profile on FA here; Userpage of tamaj -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am available for SFW/NSFW Comissions! I draw Furries and Humans My prices are as follows; Sketches- 10$ Lineart-20$ Flat...
  4. Souva

    ISO Human Art

    Hello! I'm soooo sorry to bumble in here asking for freebies before even finishing what I've offered (sorry... I'm slow lol) but I have a new character whom I love to pieces and is actually my first human one. As I can't draw humans for shit, I would love just a nude fullbody pic of him to use...
  5. T


    Hello everyone! I made a thread before but it wasn't really done well or sorted out correctly. I'm trying to a better one now in hopes it'll actually take off, because like everyone else in the world, I need money, and I'm willing to do artwork for it. Most of my examples are of human-esque...