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human character

  1. ShroudedCelestial

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Selling: Aisha Calliway [starting at $5-$35 USD]

    These are all for sale! I am very low on funds, slowly running out of food and I have pay for rent. I have come down on hard times and could very much use the help. Her name is Aisha Calliway. She was once a character that I had developed over the years and grown highly attached to. However...
  2. N

    Request: Idk if anyone here draws humanoid characters but...

    Can I possibly get some artwork of my newest baby?
  3. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Human OC art request!

    If possible if I could get some art of my wholesome lil sailor bab I'd really be happy and appreciate it! Keep it cute and safe!
  4. N

    Who's taking requests?

    I have a character I'd love some art of, if possible?-- I don't know if anybody would be interested. I'd really like to have art of my vampire girl Luna? If anybody is willing enough to I'd love to see what you can do! ------------------- She's a very shy character so- yeah idk if that helps...
  5. PolyaBorty

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [YCH] Cutie and a bow [$25-$100]

    • Your OC/yourself/fanart • Humans and humanoids (anyone who looks like human) SB: $25 MI: $1 AB: $100 - You can change the hairstyle - You can choose the colors of the outfit - You can change the background - I can draw additional accessories Rules: • $25 - b/w semi-realistic render • $40...
  6. kimuyukix

    Looking for a cheap five-page comic commission ($100) [closed]

    Hi! I'm Haru, and me and a friend are trying to put fifty each on a cheap four- or five-page comic. The comic will be NSFW and story-based. Any good artists worth their salt out there? This one might be a bit of a challenge, because it will involve a lot of detail. ;3 If $100 won't cover a...
  7. kimuyukix

    Looking for a cheap five-page comic commission ($100)

    Moved to https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/looking-for-a-cheap-five-page-comic-commission-100.1657266/
  8. RubieOnyx

    Hiring: In need of semi-realistic human art

    I'm currently in the market to look for an artist with experience in semi-realism or anything regarding fantasy artwork. I have a rough sketch done by a previous artist, however, [they] were unable to continue on and gave me what they started. I would like this sketch to be the base work on a...
  9. HamsterFag

    Hiring: LF HQ Human Artist! ($130 Budget)

    Currently looking to buy some high-quality art of a human character. I have a $130 budget, so if you are interested, please post on here with prices and human examples of your work. Only considering people who have a light or no workload at all, I would like to receive the art asap. Looking...
  10. V

    Human Female OC [Closed]

    Alright, so, not a furry commission, but, have had good results from here previously, so, hopefully, that shouldn't be an issue. I'm looking for art for an OC of mine. One Clothed, one Nude, and one Costume. For the costume, I have nothing particular in mind, though, the setting for this...
  11. Shedo

    NSFW - recreation of pictures in anime/ cartoon style. Human drawing

    Hello I am looking for an artist to recreate a picture in their own style/ talent/ taste. The commission is personal and for fun so I am open to ideas and thoughts. As long as the drawing is not totally different that original picture. Basically what i am looking for is to recreate the...
  12. lochsnesmonster

    Human and Fursona Commissions! ($5-$35usd)

    Hi I'm selling digital art of OC's and stuff! I will draw: Humans Furries Scalies Any type of anthro really Mecha Armor Mild suggestiveness I will NOT draw: Explicit NSFW Pretty much any fetish Anything morally wrong or illegal (I shouldn't have to explain this one further) | Paypal | Ko-Fi...
  13. WendigoNasty

    Female Humans looking for some NSFW RP (humans,anthros,ferals welcome)

    So I have two human characters I really want to RP with right now. They are both from ARK: Survival Evolved so dino and monster characters (Especially feral ones) are super welcomed. They are alternate versions of the same character but with vastly different personalities. Wendy 1 (Tyrant...
  14. RubieOnyx

    NFSW Bombshell

    Heyo again~! So! Looking for an artist who's comfy doing some NSFW work for me. Not looking for anything in terms of fetishes or something crazy like that. I'm comfy with whatever limits that you may have and I do have references of what I would like. What I have is an adorable and smexy human...
  15. megami83

    Writing Commissions Open!

    Hiya, I'm currently open for 2 lit commissions, priced at $10 USD per 1,000 words. SFW and NSFW accepted. Can do both anthro and human characters! Examples as well as other details can be found at this link: communitycommissions.deviantart.com: Revamped Writing Commission Journal Questions...
  16. furrylover1910

    Idea for erotic furry comic/graphic novel

    I have this idea for an erotic comic/graphic novel. It's about a male human called The Furry Casanova. He can shrink himself to make love with the smallest female animals/furries and grow bigger to make love to the biggest female animals/furries. Possible titles: - Furry Casanova does the...
  17. A

    LF Human Artist

    Hey, so I really need a better official reference of one of my human characters. It'll be simple 1-2 views with a headshot (maybe a chibi too). Can be realistic or not. I'm honestly not too picky on that My budget is $150 at this moment. Also here's what I do have at this moment. I will send...
  18. Souva

    ISO Human Art

    Hello! I'm soooo sorry to bumble in here asking for freebies before even finishing what I've offered (sorry... I'm slow lol) but I have a new character whom I love to pieces and is actually my first human one. As I can't draw humans for shit, I would love just a nude fullbody pic of him to use...
  19. T


    Hello everyone! I made a thread before but it wasn't really done well or sorted out correctly. I'm trying to a better one now in hopes it'll actually take off, because like everyone else in the world, I need money, and I'm willing to do artwork for it. Most of my examples are of human-esque...