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human commissions

  1. DarionFurry

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Realistic one-slot human YCH full rendered

    Hello, guys! I have a small audience, so I will be glad if more people see this YCH. FULL COLOR YCH: character+bg, 4000px, 300dpi SB: $600 AB: $1000 (+NSFW version) MB: $50 - Female only - Human type (barefoot, tale, paws, horns, wings are possible) - Similar body type - Any skin tone - Any...
  2. Green_Brick

    (Closed) Looking for/hiring: Sprite/Pixel artists commissions

    Hey all! It's me again, your favorite nobody on FA! Haha Unlike last December, this time I am strictly looking for artists who specialize in sprite/pixel art! --- Also, unlike my previous thread, this is strictly a SFW commission thread. No smut here! >:3 I'm looking for an artist who is...
  3. ShadeofRae

    (Commission) Selling: Shade Of Rae's One Stop Art Shop! (open)

    Hello! And Welcome! My name is Rae you can find my Terms of Service here! I'm a free lance artist looking to expand my client base if you're interested you can DM me on the main FA site or here. (main site is probably better) I offer various forms of commission styles which you can see below...
  4. Hoodwinks

    (Commission) Selling: Feral, Anthro, Human - Tarot Cards, Fullbody, Busts, Ref Sheets & More!

    Hi there! My commissions are currently: OPEN BUSTS: £30 -Fully lined, coloured and shaded image with option of a simple background FULL BODY: £50 -Fully lined, coloured and shaded image with option of a simple background TAROT CARD: £80 -Fullbody/large bust image of character -Multiple...
  5. ShaperAmbi

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) High Energy Artwork, Gijinka, Humanoids & More?

    Welcome! I'm going to start out my time here by keeping things simple! I might add or subtract more commission types later down the line. $15 for 1 fullbody sketch in white $45 for 1 fullbody drawing with flat colors $100 for anything complex General Rules & Terms of Service I don't draw...
  6. Interkos

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) ~ Kos's Art Shop ~

    Do's: - Humans - Anthros - Feral - Character design - Most NSFW Don't's: - Overly complex designs - 23 sets of wings BASE PRICES Sketched (These are true sketches, often with structure lines still visible) Headshots - 10$ Half body - 20$ Full body - 30$ Chibi - 5$/15$/20$ (Sketch +...
  7. saccharinelemons

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) NSFW Human Commissions for Sale

    Hello, I'm Sacchi, a NSFW Artist! I am an artist that primarily draws humans and NSFW content; my style is vibrant and colorful anime-style. I open for commissions between the 1st and 15th of every month, but you can check my slot availability in real-time on my Trello board. The prices are...
  8. SHuuN-Arts

    (Commission) Selling: Various type of commission 10$+ (art and animation)

    for more information, example, and please visit https://shuun-home.carrd.co/
  9. XNTHZ

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) COMMISSION ICON AND ANIMATION ICON YCH!

    HIYA ALL! I urgently need money, but drawings are my only opportunity to earn money. In this regard, I will take few slots for custom icons! RULES: Fix price: 40$ Payment via PayPal (or SBER, if you are from Russia or the CIS) Will do: pony, humans, furry DEADLINE: Undefined. Maybe in a...
  10. MarineHaddock

    (Commission) Selling: Humans, Suits and Kaijin (Base Price £7.50-£30)

    Hi, I'm recently moving back onto FurAffinity and bringing my comms with me! I specialise in suits and kaijin, particularly in tokusatsu but I branch out to similar stuff! Do a lot of human stuff too! My full portfolio is on my website, but my art is also on my FurAffinity to a less complete...
  11. catisrosey

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency commissions! $50+ Help me get out of debt ;A;

    welp i finally did it i spent more money than i have and am in the red ;n; time to open RUSH HOUR COMMISSIONS SINCE I WORK ALL WEEKEND AND BASICALLY JUST SIT AND DRAW AT WORK ANYWAYS aight so here’s how this goes, I’m like $55 in the hole bc the kickstarter for my friends artbook just cleared...
  12. PolyaBorty

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Humans/humanoids • Any gender • Sfw [$25-$120]

    If you are interested, please, send me a note or write a comment ;) ★ PORTRAIT ★ • B/W - $25 • Colored - $40 Detailed BG: +$5-$10 Examples: Artwork Gallery for PolyaBorty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ★ HALFBODY ★ • B/W - $45 • Colored - $60 Detailed BG: +$15-$25 Examples: Artwork Gallery for...
  13. spr-out

    (Other) Selling: Digital Commissions (Price range : 8 € - 85 €)

    Hello! I'm Sprout, a creative with 8 + years of experience in creating digital artwork. ・ Find my General info + TOS here. ・ Deviantart ・ Furaffinity. ・ Twitter ・ ・ I do nsfw artwork also, though mostly vanilla. Feel free to ask me about this! ・ I do humans and humanoids. ・ I won't draw ...
  14. WorldofValdis

    (Commission) Selling: △Valdis's Commissions△|$7-$30

    Hi! I'm Valdis and I'm your typical starving artist so I've decide to open up for commissions! Unfortunately I don't have many examples for furry characters at the moment since I'm fairly new to the community but I am experienced in drawing reptilian characters. △Rules△ At least half of...
  15. LadyIzo

    (Commission) Selling: Izo's Commission Corner 15-60+

    Welp, I'm still very new to this so forgive me while I try to figure out what layout works for me currently I mainly draw humans but have a bit of experience with animals and furries I'm open to both SFW and NSFW(as long as you and the content are of age) Since I'm new to doing commissions I'm...
  16. BlackCatMug

    ☕ BlackCatMug's Shop! {$10-60+}& YCH☕

    Hello everyone! My name is Oath and I'm fairly new to the community! But, I've been drawing my whole life. A friend of mine directed me to this forum so I thought it would be fun and I would give it a shot and make a shop. I'm not the greatest at formatting, or really knowledgeable about forums...
  17. Cerpyn

    Goal shop! | PayPal

    Hello! I'm new to this site (and to drawing furries!) and I want to do some commissions so that I can fullfill my goal! Goal: €0/€500 This goal is set up for a new laptop! My current one is well.. Pretty crappy and old. Do's, dont's & maybies: - I LOVE drawing alien/monster species (such as...
  18. C

    Anthro and Human Art ($25-$75)

    Good Afternoon all! I am an artist who works with various media, traditional and digital. Frankly, I need money for a drawing tablet so I would deeply appreciate any commissions I could get. Most pieces will take between a day and two weeks for full scenes, though possibly longer if my drawing...
  19. jellykiwi

    ⟡ jellykiwi's commissions ⟡ { open, starting at $5!! }

    hey everyone!! I've recently run into some issues with rent, so I've decided to open commissions to help earn the money back!! anything helps ;; prices & details can be found in my commission info doc here are some recent examples of my work:
  20. Artist Aspen

    New artist- taking commissions! 9-15$ + YCH

    A King Charles mix looks up at you, tapping one of her manicured claws on the glass jar. Care to order something? Hey, I'm a new artist here opening commissions for the time being! Since I'm just getting started, I'm only charging a small amount until I can get some more current examples...