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  1. Zefy

    GIRLS COMMISSION( and boy or another gender) [10$ min]

    ・・・・☆HELLO ☆ ・・・・ I'm opening commissions and this is prices: ★HEADSHOT★ - Full colour $10 ★HALF BODY★ - Full colour: $20 ★FULL BODY★ -Full colour: $40 ★BACKGROUND★ Simple one-colour/gradient – free Complex background – 10-50$ Extra character - +100% NSFW - to be discussed. Prices also...
  2. lochsnesmonster

    Human and Fursona Commissions! ($5-$35usd)

    Hi I'm selling digital art of OC's and stuff! I will draw: Humans Furries Scalies Any type of anthro really Mecha Armor Mild suggestiveness I will NOT draw: Explicit NSFW Pretty much any fetish Anything morally wrong or illegal (I shouldn't have to explain this one further) | Paypal | Ko-Fi...
  3. MeeMoe


    Hi there! :) I'm a digital artist doing character designs, fanarts, furries, anthro, humans and many more. Feel free to send me a note ^_^ Here's my commission board: Lineart (half body) - (USD)$5.00 if w/BG (additional $3.00) Lineart (full body) -(USD)$7.00 if w/BG (additional...