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humanoid girls

  1. BadKittyBits

    Pin Me Up | BadKitty's Bits

    BadKitty's Bits ------ Female frames preferred - paypal only ------ Pixel Pieces - $40 Flatcolor | $55 Fully Shaded 1 week turnaround (max) 2 Flat Slots 1 Shaded Slot These are much more time consuming than my smooth work, which is reflected in the price Can do exaggerated features, small...
  2. pandaAWAKE

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Demon/Anthro/Humanoid 10$ -70$ (Auctions)

    Sb - $10 Min Incr- $1 Ab - $40 Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid Royal Demon Girl: Open Information Cyborg Theif: Open (SkyXDoll CS by me, trait guide not finished yet) (Only the SkyXDoll has the extra skin, it will come along for free.) __________ Paypal only Personal use only You...
  3. birdsoccer

    (Commission) Selling: Starting at $5 Commissions [NSFW&SFW]

    hello~ i'm primarily a humanoid artist but am experienced with furry as well. contact will be through discord sonic the slut #1297 if your message is not commission related i will block you ty! my process is as follows! 1. you send me the details of what you want. references, pose info, etc...
  4. F

    Adoptable 4 - 25$ Open Set Price

    25$ Usd for these adoptables~ (+fees unless family/friends method is used) OR 70$ for each Adoptable + full body shaded commission Owner of adoptable has full rights to the design/adoptable art I just ask you don't claim the art as your own
  5. tepioca

    Leo-themed Adopt Auction [OPEN]

    Leo-themed adopt I worked really hard on! Help me find them a nice home :) sb is $8 ab is $35 paypal only please! auction ends 24 hours after the last bid ill send the winner the transparent unwatermarked version after payment is made !
  6. RubieOnyx

    Human Island Hottie

    Heyo! How's it going everyone!? I'm here in the prospect of hiring an artist. This character that I have in mind, happens to be a hooman! Or human... A person walker with two legs and no fur! Oooohh. Anyway, I have been roleplaying with this character for quite some time and I think that right...
  7. ruruscube

    SB 10/15€ Babes

    Can be seen here: 1st batch: www.furaffinity.net: SB 10eur - Auctions (OPEN) by ruruscube 2nd batch: www.furaffinity.net: Horned Dragon n Girls Adopts (OPEN 3/3) by ruruscube