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  1. OmgACorgi

    (Commission) Selling: 5$-100$ Commissions Open~

    Hi, I currently have commissions open. My usual turn around time is 1 day to 2 weeks. My prices~ I accept payments thru PayPal, Amazon Gifts cards, and sometimes even discord nitro :p My FA account: Userpage of OmgACorgi -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Some examples of previous commissions:
  2. thedinopharaoh

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Commissions from 5€ to 100€+

    Hey there! My commissions are now open, please take a look at my prices if you’re interested! I’m accepting Paypal invoices only! (Examples are included with the prices) Please make sure to read the following before commissioning: TERMS AND CONDITIONS www.deviantart.com: Terms and...
  3. noirgladia

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fantasy Kemonomimi Guy Auction OPEN (SB: $60 / AB: $120))

    www.furaffinity.net: False Sunflower * Summer on the Golden Field by noirgladia The clothing layered gif can be seen on my DeviantArt: www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT][OPEN AUCTION] False Sunflower ★ SB: $60 MI: $5 AB: $120 Please bid at this bidding chain for easier to manage: Comment on...
  4. LlCHT

    (Commission) Selling: 15$ Icons -OPEN-

    I only accept USD via PayPal more examples here :sta.sh: icons How to Commission me DM me here with this form filled out if you'd like one ! Feel free to just message me with questions as well ! Character Name: Character Reference: (has to be at least a headshot, no written characters...
  5. graylaika

    $5 button chibis [OPEN]

    hi! new user here, so please bear with me if I make any mistakes. i'm looking to fund my way to see my favourite band live this summer, and get back into drawing! ALL CHARACTERS ACCEPTED! eg. humans/humanoid, anthro, furry, mecha, etc. $5 each, +$2 for each additional character...
  6. A

    (Commission) Selling: HUMANOIDS/ANTHROS starting at $5

    hello! i am saving some spare money for art school so here are some cheap commissions. + extra characters for 70% of the original price. (E.G 2 colored headshots: $17) + complex characters or clothing will have an additional fee. i take USD through Paypal. i can draw humanoids, anthros...
  7. RomieTears

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Snack Icons

    Cute snack icons at 10 bucks a pop! All and any humanoid, furry, and anthro species are welcome! Feel free to comment here or DM me to reserve a slot. Icons will not be started until payment is received. These icons are 200x200 px, and have a delivery time of 1-5 days depending on how many...
  8. Agatheas

    (Commission) Selling: 40$ realistic art

    Hi! I'm having a bit of a rough time and my bank account is at an all time low, so I thought I'd open up some commissions! - I am the best at humanoid art, but I am fine with other animals/anthro's! - I will not do NSFW art - I am not that good at canine/feral art - The payment is either 20$...
  9. Federica Alfano

    (Commission) Selling: Chibi - 22 euro

    Two slots only. Latest example: I draw humans, humanoids and some closed species. Payment upfront.
  10. Federica Alfano

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH - Kiss me Animation [OPEN]

    SB: 15 euro* MI: 1 euro AB: not yet Coloring example: Can be: - Human(oid) (no tootheyes); - anthro. CS I love to draw: Gleamstic - Spiritus Oris - Bamharr What you'll get: - 2 frames, 800x800; - 800x800 gif; - 500x500 gif; - 150x150 gif. *It's possible to pay also in usd 1 euro =1,20 usd
  11. pameloo

    (Commission) Selling: ❀NEW!❀ Custom designs, Illustrations & Chibis

    Reorganized my commission examples! They can be found here: https://pamelooart.weebly.com/ Let me know if you have any questions! More examples: Pameloo's DeviantArt Gallery https://www.instagram.com/pamelatyeung/ www.facebook.com: Pameloo pamelatyeung.portfoliobox.net: Pamela Yeung
  12. BomberDragon

    Any RP persons or groups (preferably Discord) accepting of humanoid furs?

    I have an assortment of characters, some anthro, but most of them 'borderline.' Most genre kinds are fine (can do medieval or futuristic best). Am also fine with Mature/NSFW kinds of roleplay. Am fine with playing different genders depending on the RP.
  13. roido

    Black Friday Commissions SALE (CLOSED)

    Hello! I am offering a sale on chibis and full body commissions! Full bodies are 25$ each with 13$ per extra character Chibis are 8$ each with 5$ per extra character Ask about backgrounds and props Please read my terms of service HERE FULL BODY SLOTS: 0/2 CHIBI SLOTS: 0/2 Contact me...
  14. Phase2

    Looking for NSFW artist

    Hey-diddly-ho there! Never have I ever commissioned a NSFW picture... because I'm awkward as hell, and also pretty damn PG for a 26 year old... So I'm actually not looking for anything hardcore, just mostly implied stuff- if that makes sense? WELL, here I am making an announcement that I want...
  15. DarkLotuses

    Character Art Commissions! $15+

    Hello there! I am a digital character artist who primarily does tabletop rpg characters but is expanding into drawing more NSFW/anthro stuff! You can see most of my work here: GlassLotuses (my SFW account with most of my DnD stuff) and here: DarkLotuses (my NSFW/anthro/furry account with only a...
  16. RonarAe4

    Ae4's Portrait Commission! [OPENED]

    Hi! I'm Ae4 and I am currently opened for commissions! If you have any questions, send me a PM or anything. I only have humanoid samples, but I do take furry commissions too. :) If you'd like to see more samples of this commission, check out my TH. ▶︎ Commissions on Toyhouse
  17. lunarpeach

    (NSFW) Lineart, Portraits, Postcards, Character Design, and Illustrations starting at $15!

    Commissions are OPEN! Lineart, Character Design, B/W Shading Included: $15 USD With lineart, I can create a custom stylized portrait, or concept, of your character! Can be in full black/white or greyscale as seen here. Includes minimal shading to show depth! (option to omit this as well)...
  18. HallowSeo

    Character Portraits $35

    I'm selling half-body, fully colored character portraits! $35 for a single character. +60% per added character (so if I math right, a couple would be about $56) [Update: I also offer Chibis which are generally fullbody! Here's a link to how they look, and they are $25 (+60% per added character...
  19. Arborath

    My Pet YCH (NSFW)

    Decided to get back onto Furaffinity after a couple years of being meh about it. So why not make it an ok comeback with a YCH sale? ;) Its a starting bid of $35 USD for the pet position and the quality of art and content goes up as the bids go up :) humanoid only right now. I may do more...
  20. Noir Gladia

    Deer Centaur Boy Adopt [Set price]

    www.deviantart.com: [ADOPT] Sound of ancient worlds [Set price::OPEN] www.furaffinity.net: Sound of Ancient Worlds by noirgladia His deer half is more like a fawn body but with more muscle at the chest to hold the human half, and his horns are mature elk horns. His horns, tail, and right arm...