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  1. R

    Seeking Humanoid Icon

    Hello there! I was previously on FA but quit that account to reconstruct a new one, and in doing so, created a brand new mascot I need some art of! Primarily I'm looking for an icon right now! I've got a budget anywhere from as low as $5 USD to as high as $20 USD, but I'll go a little higher...
  2. thedinopharaoh

    Dino's Digital Art Commissions! (TF, flats, chibis, paintings, icons, etc,)!

    Please NOTE or PM me on: Deviantart: dinoPharaoh on DeviantArt Furaffinity: Userpage of thedinopharaoh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Info: Here's my price sheet with all the information: https://img00.deviantart.net/f52f/i.....oh-dbdnppl.png Status: OPEN TRANSFORMATIONS: Can be commissioned...
  3. D


    Hey does anybody on here do humanoid and anthro nsfw/suggestive commissions? Nothing too terribly expensive, please, as I no longer have a fixed income. It would involve these characters (not together!!!!) fav.me: I Have A Pistol Party And I Kill Them All -- Ref Linden fav.me: #2 - Copper Gear...
  4. D

    Searching For NSFW/Suggestive Commissions

    Hey does anybody on here do humanoid and anthro nsfw/suggestive commissions? Nothing too terribly expensive, please, as I no longer have a fixed income. It would involve these characters (not together!!!!) fav.me: I Have A Pistol Party And I Kill Them All -- Ref Linden fav.me: #2 - Copper Gear...
  5. Bjorn Potato

    RP anyone?

    My pure goal irl and url is to entertain people on the servers that I go on. I want someone url to help me destress, someone that can talk and can listen, at the same time. I do not care about your gender or your age, but I prefer females and over the age of 18, because stuff might become NSFW...
  6. tguillot

    Accepting Commissions! ($10-$60)

    Hey everyone! Im posting to let y'all know that my commissions are open! I'll list my prices with my regular graphic here! _______________________________________________________________________ Other examples can be found here: [tumblr] [deviantart] [furaffinity]...
  7. princesstool

    Monster Humanoid Adopts For Sale

    Hello I have a few designs I'm trying to sell. This is my first time doing this in a format like this so apologies if it's a bit sloppy u3u 1. cute succubus (open) 2. fire imp (open) 3. fluffy lizard (open) 4. shark monster (open) price: $10 usd payment method: paypal After payment...
  8. reinore


    CLEARER EXAMPLES OF MY ART CAN BE SEEN here !!!! Please note my FA, TH, or dA for more information !!! ^pst those are links yes. Bust Sketch: $5 Bust Color: $7 Half-Body Flat Color: $10 Half-Body Fully Shaded: $15 Full-Body Flat Color: $20 Full Body Fully Shaded: $25 Please send a note if...
  9. covely

    * covely's commissions * ($5-$20 USD) open!

    Hello! I'm a little new to this community, so please forgive me if this thread is a little messy. You can contact me here (on this forum), on FA (my username is moonix), or dA (covely) Firstly, my T.O.S covelycommissions.weebly.com: T.O.S By commissioning me you are agreeing to my terms...
  10. junkyardprince

    adopts available !

    here are a few adopts i've had stored away for a bit ! none of them are claimed and are ready for the taking ! either comment here or PM me to claim ! red devil // $15 usd feathered dragonness // $20 usd unicorn babe // $15 usd this is a flat sale not and offer to adopt. purple doggo // $20...
  11. P

    $15 -$35 Full-color commissions

    I am doing commissions of any character or OC you want. I can do just about anything, from mammals to insects to plants. I can do anthro plants if you wish. I have a few slots open, and if you want to know exactly what I can do, as well as examples, go to this journal on dA. My prices are $15...
  12. TheHappySpaceman

    More Humanoid or Less Humanoid?

    (Note: This is a re-post; I had accidentally posted it in the main art forum, but decided to re-post it here when I found out that this one exists.) Hi! I'm working on a new webcomic centered around a pair of anthropomorphic cats and I'm wondering if there are any tips on how to draw them. I...
  13. gaz-monster

    Adoptables for sale!

    FA: furaffinity.net/user/gaz-monster DA: gaz-monster.deviantart.com Tumblr: gabbu-art.tumblr.com ----- Hey guys, I've got a BUNCH of characters looking for good homes! Please check them out if you're looking for a new OC/sona! Prices will be listed alongside the images. These are not...
  14. RoiylTea

    AUCTION: Humanoid Anthro OPEN

    Click Right Here!
  15. Muuchu

    $10 fully colored Chibis!

    Can be of your own character or I can do a custom crature / animal! Depending on the difficulty of your character, it will either be done on the same day or within 1-2 days. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Paypal & USD...

    Digital USD commissions! <3

    Hi everybody, I have digital commissions open for USD! Ranging from 5 to 30+ dollars, prices and examples are below: (MORE ANTHRO EXAMPLES WHEN U SCROLL DOWN) For more anthro examples, check this link: http://vesarts.tumblr.com/tagged/anthro (includes regular and humanoid...
  17. fairygirls

    Indigo's Art Shop

    Hello everyone! I'm a bit new to furaffinity and wantedto see if i could also possibly sell any art here as well! Some examples of my art and pricing are here: I also have examples of my art up on my furaffinity at Userpage of fairygirls -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (check out my...
  18. asomiakanawa

    Looking for an artist who can draw huminoid furries! (100$ limit)

    Yoooooo! I'm looking for a headshot(or fullbody if you're willing) commission of my boyfriends character. I can do paypal! I don't have any reference sheet, only photo references. Sorry about that. I ask that you: -Do not draw his wings unless you -really- want too. I'd like a version without...
  19. somesharpteeth

    Fos's YCHs ☆ (NSFW & SFW)

    I've taken an interest in trying YCH auctions and figured I would make a thread on the forums where I can advertise them. Currently I have one NSFW/MATURE YCH open: NSFW YCH: Special Seat This YCH is open to humanoid/kemonomimi style characters only. (Basically that means they need a generally...