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  1. IdunaHaya

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Many Humanoid Adopts ($5-$25)

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :) Payment with Paypal invoice TOU for all: + Personal use of the design only (commercial rights can be purchased now or later) + Please credit at least once + Don't claim the design/art to be your work + Changes to the design are allowed...
  2. Moonbeau

    Hiring: LF: Dragons, DragonxHuman, HumanxHuman, SFW/NSFW ($5-100)

    Hello there. You may call me Moon upon interactions from now on! I'm new around here but I'm looking for things awfully specific to my ocs in question. I have a few OCs where I'd like to give them more art to expand their AU, as I love writing about their lore. Some context info, I have a...
  3. Pathanix

    (Commission) Selling: Pathanix/Pank's Art Shop [$5-$50+] Traditional Paintings [$20-$300+]

    Commission ToS and Adoptable(Customs) ToS When you commission me, please take the time to read these as this will be everything you need to know about doing business with me! The contract is also loose, so if you have any problems, please contact me directly. I'm able to take Paypal only. If...
  4. Ghost Raven

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Commissions Open ($5-$30 usd)

    For separate art, ex. 2 headshots, add the regular price together. Ship art is the original price + half of the original price. ~ I don't trust snailmail and I only accept USD. ~ Digital (base price for a sketch)- Headshot - $5.00 Waist up - $6.00 Fullbody - $7.00 For extra characters, add...
  5. Alma-Abyss

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH NSFW AUCTION (Bathing)

    Hey, yall, I would like to share my first YCH NSFW auction going on! This auction ends in 5 days unless someone autobuys it then it is over! ^_^ Bathing YCH - YCH.art (NSFW link) There are two slots, one is clothed and the other one is unclothed! RULES! - Anything that is related to furries...
  6. eight-legs

    Gijinkas & Mermaids (starting at $5)

    hello !! i have some adopts for sale and i thought that i'd share them here as well ;w; if buying, please comment on the links and not here please ! you can find them here : www.furaffinity.net: Ghost Gijinka Adopts : OPEN 4/6 by eight-legs www.furaffinity.net: $5 Mermay Batch : OPEN 11/30 by...
  7. happysparrow

    $5 Pixels and More!

    Hello! I am still new to the furry fandom, but learned something valuable... I love drawing furries. Like. A lot. Because of this, I would like to advertise a few commissions! I've practiced and practiced and think I'm finally ready! So, you may ask, what kind of commissions? Well, let me tell...
  8. Sightless-Bird

    Reselling Humanoid & Animal Adopts

    I am reselling these adopts because they need better homes. Each of them comes with their own terms that I will explain if you show interest in one. Basically if you can sell or trade them, etc. Comment or message me. I am also making it clear that these are either original prices or prices that...
  9. marbledaydreams

    Marble's ADOPT House (UPDATED: 3/21/16)

    The following adopts I have available on my Furaffinity or DeviantART for purchase. If you see any adopts you are interested in then please respond to this thread or the original post that is featured in the following link. OPEN ADOPTS $5.00 and UNDER All Itty Bitty adopts are only $5.00 USD...