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humans and furries

  1. southjaw

    Southrobin's Quality Commissions! (Human/Feral/Anthro)

    Hi there. I'm southrobin and I'm offering art commissions. I was encouraged to post here by a friend. > Full commission info and examples! < Below are some sites I'm on, and a quick example of what I do. FA - Deviantart - Tumblr - Patreon Prices are in USD, payment is upfront, via paypal...
  2. M

    I need a CO-WRITER

    I have two stories in mind to write or have began writing: One is a slice of life story where five teen humans get teleported to a furry only universe. Two is a supernatural high school romance and adventure story. More details on this story if interested. Same goes for the other story. HMU ASAP
  3. araneaetela

    Character Commissions: Human or Anthro

    Opening up commissions until around February so I can save up for a trip to the states, and to help me pay for other every day things (around this time it'd be christmas presents, groceries, etc... I'm a university student and I support myself so any form of extra income would be awesome and...
  4. AriesHausdorff

    Chapter 1 of "The Children of Earth" finished... Proofreaders please?

    The first book of my "Welcome to Valhalla" Series reached a milestone: Chapter 1 is done. You find it here: http://aries.homeftp.net/publish/welcome_to_valhalla/wtv-texts/files/The_children_of_Earth.pdf Any feedback, aside of the already reported Doorknobbing issue in 1.1. is dearly welcome -...
  5. SamiPiplup

    (RP) Raising Fur (Open) (SFW Raising a Baby Fur to Adulthood RP)

    The year is 2020. The first animal human hybrids to survive to birth were created a year ago. Just this year, volunteer parents to be have been chosen to care for the first generation of these 'furries'. Rules- Mentions of breastfeeding are allowed. You may not mention anything obviously...