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  1. S

    New comic book

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49367014/?upload-successful This is my concept for my comic book but this is a demo fory upcoming comic. I don't know what call my comic book my first name is dead galaxy.
  2. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: ($20+) Cartoony/Anime Commissions Open* ~ Can draw humans/anthros/feral/monsters/etc.

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I'd like to draw something for you! I am open to one-off commissions and/or long-term freelance projects. I'm able to draw a variety of species such as humans, furries (anthros or feral), monsters, and more. Here is my pricing + examples: As the sheet says...
  3. polared

    ✨polars flat color commissions! [5/5 slots open]

    ✨POLAR'S FLAT COMMISSIONS✨ ✨WILLING TO DRAW✨ humans furries scalies anthros etc. ✨TOS✨ 1) i am willing to draw nudity; however, anything depicting anything super sexual is a no. (i do ask that the commissioner be at least 18 if asking for anything involving nudity) 2) i am willing to draw all...
  4. Hitaka5Ever

    (Commission) Selling: Comic Flatter LF Work ($15/HR)

    Hello, my name is Rocky Fuller and I'm currently looking for work through comics, more specifically doing flats for characters and base of backgrounds if needed (I cannot do full backgrounds unfortunately) Please read my requirements when working with me before ordering. Here are examples of my...
  5. S

    Using skroge as my fursona

    Well this is sound weird but I'm not sure if I use skroge as my fursona but it's a female and I'm a guy though. Her outfit basically inspired by clothes I wear. So skroge is actually human though.
  6. S

    any ideas for humans vs furries

    i really love shadow of mordor i wanted to make a humans and athro animals well this is personal so you might get the idea and forgive me if this offend yall. I really wanted to make this into a comic but im afraid that it will upset the readers. most of my art is mostly humans and bloodfusers...
  7. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: *Cartoony Commissions - Humans, Anthros, Monsters, More! * ~ [$15+ - $35+]

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures, and much more! Here are some examples of my work: You can check out more examples of my work on my FA page and DeviantArt. (My FA page includes...
  8. lettuc3

    (Commission) Selling: ♡ ❤ ❣ ❥ ۵ Loop's valentine commissions! big discounts ! ($5-$30+) ♡ ❤ ❣ ❥ ۵

    Valentines is coming soon so for the upcoming weeks till the date, im gonna have some special discounts to celebrate ❤ some examples of my art: will draw: -humans -furries (almost all species) -fanart -light gore (bleeding, cuts etc.) -some mature themes (artistic nudity, some...
  9. lettuc3

    (Commission) Selling: ✧・゚:* Loop's art shoppe ✧・゚:* 25$ for a full-color full body & more info inside!

    Hi there! I'm Loops AKA Lettuc3 and thanks for checking out my art shop ^^ This is a simple reference of my commission prices :^) simple backgrounds (shapes, colors etc.) are FREE, backgrounds are negotiable based on complexity I can also do chibis, icons, sticker packs to name a few! just dm...
  10. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: ~ *Cartoony Commissions - Humans, Anthros, Monsters, More! * ~ (Updated Pricing!) [$15+ - $35+]

    Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I've recently updated my commission prices so I wanted to create an up-to-date post to reflect said updates! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures, and much more! Here are some examples of...
  11. DuckyDeathly

    (Commission) Selling: ~ * Cartoony Commissions (Human, Anthro, Monster, etc.) * ~ [$10+ - $25+]

    Hello everyone! My name is Ducky and I would like to draw something for you! I'm able to draw humans, furries/anthros, monsters/non-humans, and much more ~ My art style is primarily western/cartoony with a hint of anime influences. More details can be located within this DeviantArt journal, but...
  12. CelestialblueShark

    Request: 3 Slot Requests

    I will be opening some free requests but these will have some rules. ( I don't know If I am allowed too) -You have to be watching/following me at furafinity -you can only pick one character -No nsfw -send me a note or message or conversation with what you want 1-slot- 2-slot- 3-slot
  13. Katook

    (Commission) Selling: Human/Anthro/Feral|Semi-realism|Ref sheets|Character Design|$50-$150

    I'm officially back from hiatus and here to help out with all your character design, refs, and art needs!! Basic single view character drawings are $50 minimum with a background of your desire, examples of such below: For $150, I can do a 2 or 3 point turn reference with 2 detail images...
  14. theWiitch

    Welcome to ADEXI ✧ Slice of Life / Office / Drama RP Server

    Welcome to ADEXI, the leader in software security. Located in LA, ADEXI is the first and only company to offer uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation of security breaches at the source. Embedded in more than 500 million devices, our ADEXI Persistence self-healing endpoint...
  15. theWiitch

    (Commission) Selling: The Witch's Commissions ❂ : Any Species/Type [SFW&NSFW] $12 - $75 - DIscount details in main post!

    Hey there, I'm new to the forums, and I'm looking to expand my commission examples ~ Please see below for commission types offered. All pricing is in USD, Paypal only, and all artwork is for personal use only. Payment must be upfront - if you have concerns, please discuss with me. *NEW* If you...
  16. aljordankntc

    (Commission) Selling: Anime/Cartoon Hybrid Artstyle Starting at $10

    Hi! I'm opening up for commissions, and right now I'm only taking a few. I would love to draw up some animal characters, or make some screenshot type commissions, but if you are interested in another inquiry, feel free to shoot me an email! : alexandrajordankntc@gmail.com View this commission...
  17. southjaw

    Southrobin's Quality Commissions! (Human/Feral/Anthro)

    Hi there. I'm southrobin and I'm offering art commissions. I was encouraged to post here by a friend. > Full commission info and examples! < Below are some sites I'm on, and a quick example of what I do. FA - Deviantart - Tumblr - Patreon Prices are in USD, payment is upfront, via paypal...
  18. RollerRobert

    $5-$30 toony comms, including ref sheets, pixel dolls, icons, and much more!!

    I'm Rufus, a young artist specialising in cute animals and humans! Here are some examples of the kind of art I'm selling (more examples on my pricing guide here - be sure to click on the images for more information - and my galleries here on DA and here on FA) I can draw anthros, ferals...
  19. wolvykasu

    Adoptables for sale

    so I have a lot of adoptables for sale and there is more than 1 categorie category 1 : pokemon gijinkas (Link : Artwork Gallery for wolvykasu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) prices start at 8$ Category 2 : Anthros (link : Artwork Gallery for wolvykasu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net prices : starts...
  20. M

    what would happen if anthros met humans?

    well this is prettey mutch self explanitory.