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  1. D

    Welcome to Paleolithic Camp

    What jobs do you see yourself doing?
  2. MetroFox2

    Hiring: Shared Commission - Stone Age Hyena & Fox (Closed)

    Hello you who might be viewing this. I and my friend, ConorHyena, are looking to get some art of our characters in a tribal, Mesolithic setting. We have a budget of 50 each, and I can outline in DMs our specifications for those who may not be knowledgeable as to the meaning of Mesolithic. What...
  3. Ravofox

    Catch the furry above you

    Everyone got their furry hunting lincences? Good! Now we can commence! Simpily catch the furry above through whatever method you want, as long as it ensures a live catch - we have a strict catch and release policy:) Now, get up off your couches and get some air and exercise!:p
  4. reptile logic

    Another teaser from book two...fresh from today's writing.

    First draft of a new chapter. Still fleshing out the next two books in the series. This came to me today, for book two: ...The prey was below them again; running for its life. Joy had missed her opportunity twice now, and Tonsrit was getting impatient. His blood lust had taken over and he...
  5. ProblematicPossum

    YCH's : February Slots

    Hi all! I've got some new YCH's for February, I know it isn't hunting season [or tentacle season] but those are some of the themes I've got going on! All are NSFW : Trapped [2 Slots Available] : www.furaffinity.net: YCH : Trapped : [2 Slots Available] by ProblematicPossum Trouble with...