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hybrid fursona

  1. I

    Trying to make a hybrid sona! [Hybrid sonas plz share your combos!]

    Hi! I am Ginger, I've been in this fandom basically since I could walk (fan of anthro for a while yknow) I have a sona, but it was technically made by someone else, which isn't bad! Just not feeling the same attachment anymore yknow? Originally it was a bunny/dragon, and then it devolved into a...
  2. V

    What is a good hybrid mix with a husky?

    I was thinking a fox but I really need help. If you get any ideas, please answer. Thanks!
  3. Snappy_Appy96

    Need help with my fursona

    Hi guys!! Okay so to start with; I'm new to here, and to the Furry community. I've always admired the community, but never had the confidence to join I guess. But now I want to. I'm on TikTok (yes, cringe to some I know) but the amount of amazing fursuits I see on there just make me want one so...