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  1. B


    So apparently some folks advertise OCs to "breed" with other people's OCs in order to create an offspring that's sort've a hybrid of the two. Has anyone here done that before? What's your opinion on it? I personally think it's a fun idea but it's kind've niche and I don't know how to go about...
  2. C

    Hiring: ($150+) (CLOSED) Hiring masterful artist willing to draw humans and furries

    I appreciate everyone's interest, but this is now closed. I have commissioned with a lovely artist and am no longer in the market.
  3. I

    Trying to make a hybrid sona! [Hybrid sonas plz share your combos!]

    Hi! I am Ginger, I've been in this fandom basically since I could walk (fan of anthro for a while yknow) I have a sona, but it was technically made by someone else, which isn't bad! Just not feeling the same attachment anymore yknow? Originally it was a bunny/dragon, and then it devolved into a...
  4. Cesula

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fire (elemental) Chimera ($25) and Platinum Fox ($10) Adopts

    This elemental chimera is mainly a blend of Jackal, Cheetah, and Eastern Dragon. They can be imagined with most any fire ability, and as shown in this ref can be capable raising their core temperature to the point where their bones begin to glow. Upon payment I can make a pin SFW version if...
  5. B

    I renamed my fursona

    Asher is just "Ash" now. Very exciting news. This is all I have to say. Please flood me with your likes and comments. Bye. Bababooey.
  6. Winterr88

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cat-Geckos auction!! ✨

    Hi! I'm selling this cat-gecko hybrids, please take a look!! ✨ SB: U$10 (each) AB: U$40 (each) To more information: Furaffinity post DeviantArt post
  7. Monosuki the Aurian

    More on Aurians and Monosuki

    Heya folks! I was wondering something. For those that may know the anime Fairy Tail, I have a sona who is a small blue cat, (colors will be revised soon) who looks awful close to happy. Just take my PFP for example. He's around three feet tall, is supposed to have cartoonish white and black...
  8. Bluefiremark II

    Hiring: ($50+) Commission for my character - Fang (CLOSED)

    Hey all, I'm currently wanting to try and get more art! Instead of just free things I'm considering getting something paid, but out of all the characters i have, i am feeling like getting art of a specific character of mine, that would be Fang. Fang is one of my personal favorites of my...
  9. D

    Hiring: ($150+) Looking for a character designer/artist to help with upgrades design(Warning: Complex)

    Hi, I'm looking for a designer/artist who can do complex characters like big character with lots of stuff including anthropomorphic, cyborg/mecha, and some degree NSFW material not completely expose. There's a lot of stuff that's going into this character like a lot, I'll explain once I get your...
  10. Snappy_Appy96

    Need help with my fursona

    Hi guys!! Okay so to start with; I'm new to here, and to the Furry community. I've always admired the community, but never had the confidence to join I guess. But now I want to. I'm on TikTok (yes, cringe to some I know) but the amount of amazing fursuits I see on there just make me want one so...
  11. myo

    hi i drew my first furries

    uhhh i’m new and i don’t actually have a fursona but i took my human ocs and gave them fursonas so C:>
  12. S


    I joined at the worst time possible lmao, right after a DDoS, welp. oh yeah introductions Hewo, I am Sharky, I am a Protogen+Shark hybrid, still working on my fursona cuz i am the most unorganized person you will meet meaning my sleep schedule is non existant meaning I will procrastinate until...
  13. G

    (Commission) Selling: $10 Commissions open

    Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! I mainly draw anything safe or nsfw, up to you! Please message if interested! Can do traditional (grayscale only) or digital~ Thank you for your time!
  14. Kete

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: original Gryphon ADOPTABLES for 5 €

    comment HERE www.furaffinity.net: ADOPT baby Gryphons 2 by Kete they are 5 euro each! first comment to ask for the gryph gets the gryph! Blue lemur has been adopted, the other two are stil for ADOPTION
  15. GrumpyKai

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Brodie's reference sheet

    I'm selling her for $60, if you're interested please just reply! I brought her off of the artist and they have given me consent to sell her at my own price. I hope she's what someone is looking for. If the price is a bit much then I'm up for negotiations! <3 + I've lowered the saturation and...
  16. Twiphase3468

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Boar/Orc hybrid OTA

    with 2019 being the year of the boar, I figure I make an anthro boar OC named Optapr Cupbidine. (the name came ot me around Valentine's Day) Any who, click below if you would like to attend the auction which is open until March 9th. www.furaffinity.net: Farm Animal OTA OPEN!!! by Twiphase3468
  17. SimilarSquid

    Hiring: Someone who can make a Reference Sheet from an Image

    What i am looking for: I am looking for someone who wants to make a Reference Sheet for me. My Furry / Fursona is a Hybrid of a Squid, Wolf and a Fox. I want a Colorful, Detailed Reference Sheet which shows the Furry / Fursona. I want the Front, Side and Back from the Furry / Fursona and also a...
  18. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Anyone up for this character?

    I've been thinking that i really need something better done for Starren. Starren is a character of mine I've had for awhile now, while looking young in his late teens to young twenties, he is a hybrid dragon panther wolf, with life and death powers. I don't have anything good of him, but if...
  19. SoniatheSquishy

    Spent a While Drawing Other Things, Made a New Fursona to See What I Could Do!

    As the title says, It's been a little while since I've really done anything here necessarily, and I'd like to lie to myself and say my art has improved a fair bit, so I kinda felt like posting my new sona here! Although most of my sonas use the name 'Sonia', it's my real name, part of my alias...
  20. T

    A New Challenger Approaches

    Hey all! Brief introduction of myself: I'm a college freshman who has never properly been active in the furry community. Both my dad and stepmom have gone to conventions and such but I've never had the opportunity due to school. I'm a music major (both education and performance degrees) with a...