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  1. Szyszq

    Fox / dragon hybrid (adoptable) 6$ - OPEN

    hey guys, i'm selling the design i made, you can find it here www.furaffinity.net: fox/dragon hybrid [OPEN] by Szyszq i hope that they will find owner soon~ if you're interested in buying it, just comment under furaffinity submission ps.: deviantart submission: www.deviantart.com: fox/dragon...
  2. Mae

    $5 Bust Shots!!~

    Hi there!! uwu BRAND new to the furaffinity community, and am looking to do some bust shots for some lovely individuals!~ Example of a unicorn-goat hybrid is as shown below- expect to receive a similar base! I can do any gender and species! Accepting payment via PayPal Give me a holler if...
  3. yomidraws

    Metal Wolf-Hybrid Adopts

    So I did some themed adopts I'm really happy with. Those designs are all named after some of my favourite metal songs and inspired by those! More details are over on my furaffinity post: www.furaffinity.net: Metal Wolf-Hybrid Adopts by yomidraws
  4. TheFurryGM

    Ferret/plant Fursona

    I've ended up with a ferret/plant fursona named Ve, whom I found to be a blast to design. I based a lot of his talents off of DnD/Pathfinder's druid class; however, I took a very different approach to the moves, and really personalized them. Below is the giant wall of text which makes him who he...
  5. KyooTea

    Uncommon/Mythological Sonas?

    Hiya! New to the fandom. I was wondering what uncommon species you have or have heard of? Hybrids work, but I'm more looking for animals that already exist in nature (although nature would be SO much cooler if our hybrids did exist.) I ask because I'm a Wolpertinger myself (made a slight...
  6. X

    Weird bleppy lizard 'sona stuff.

    I rarely ever draw, but I made this little derpy thing. She's some kind of leopard gecko hybrid. I might develop her a bit, and maybe even give her a backstory. I call her Smudge. Yes, I know she looks like her neck is broken. :D
  7. teaesthetic

    Sharky and Centaur Adopt

    *18+ Buyers only due to NSFW parts *Unwatermarked and uncensored ref will be sent to buyer *Payment must be sent within 24 hrs *If paying by e-check, files will be sent after it clears *Holds are done if 100% sure of buying ------------ Centaur Hybrid-15$ Sharky Adopt-15$ Sharky Adopt-20$...
  8. S

    Raptor-roo back in action... sort of.

    Hey folks. So I decided to get off my comfort zone of just Guild Wars 2 and weapon designs all day, and update my sona a bit... or a lot, lol. I loved both my raptor-roo and minotaur sonas so much, I kept getting indecisive between the two. I also really like the idea of having a snake for a...
  9. T

    commission for Profile Pic

    I am looking for an artist who is great at drawing pictures and/or coloring them. I am changing my profile pic to something that matches my ideal character. It is a body and build of a wolf, with the wings and horns of a dragon, with some traits of a kitsune thrown in. It has to be a male...
  10. C

    looking for...

    hi im looking for a female wolf dragon hybrid or a wolf who would want to become a dragon hybrid for a story i am typing out
  11. bookfangeek

    I Think My Fursona's a Fusion

    So... I was having trouble coming up with a design that I liked enough, and felt connected to enough, to represent myself so I asked my friends to throw species at me for designs prompts. Somewhere along the line, I came up with these two: Aren't they adorable? I love them. Problem is... I...
  12. Simo

    Fursona: Single species, mixed or other?

    I've noted that as the fandom has gone on, there's a lot more 'mixed', and also, invented species. Myself, I have always had fursonas and OCs based on a single species that exists in nature; somehow, I just tend to relate to them more, either personally, or in others. There are times a...
  13. K

    Looking for free drawing of my first fursona

    Hi there, My fursonas name is Kitsusagi and he is a 4 tailed Fox/Rabbit hybrid. I dont even have a ref sheet for him yet. but what i can do is post pics and what features i want in those pics and hopefully that works. If you are interested, my email is lakesrus@hotmail.com and i check it almost...
  14. cutesnoot

    Three Adoptables for Sale, $35 each! ♡ Each comes with reference sheet, one comes with extra art!

    Originally posted these on my twitter (@cutesnoot) but unfortunately I dont think a lot of my followers are furries or interested in anthro art ^^' & ive been meaning to make an account here for a while anyway so.. hey there! expect more art from me here in the near future ♡ First up, Aquarium...
  15. Barley the Slothbat

    Hello from a hybrid.

    Hi, I'm Barley, and I'm the hybrid of a sloth and a vampire bat. I'm new to these forum sites but I've been in the furry fandom for a year or so and decided to give it a try. I'm friendly enough if you ever want to talk, and I'm an artist if anyone ever wants a commission or art trade. Feel...
  16. provodawg

    Looking for Tasteful Pinup of Hybrid Character

    First time using the forums for commissions, so here I go. It's almost Halloween, and my Maggie Beagle character can't decide what to dress up as. Luckily, she doesn't have to since all she needs to do is to transform into a new anthro animal! Request: Maggie is a volunteer test subject at a...
  17. LittleWolfStudios

    Ych Sleepy Cuddle Pose - Proceeds help a mom and 2 kids

    Hello Everyone. I know I have hardly ever posted on the forums before, but I am hoping this helps get my Auction a little bit of publicity. Link to the Auction: Sleepy Cuddles - Any Gender - YCH.Commishes For more information on our situation if you would like to share this around to help us...
  18. Ninapaw

    Hybrids Adopts and Comission Open!

    Hello! First time opening Comissions! so note me if interested Also got new adopts! Hybrids wolf griffin monsters :3 ;):p:D:p:D
  19. Pteri

    New open species!

    This is a bit of a self advertisement, but at the same time it sort of isn't because I'm not making money off these... Whatever, the point is that I have recently created a new species called "Flormingoes" (Flora + Flamingo)! They're a hybrid between a plant (usually a flower) and a flamingo...
  20. G