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  1. markusblade21

    Trouble creating unique fursona/scalesona

    I have something in mind for a fursona/scalesona, but I find myself stonewalled when it comes to creating something unique. I've tried coming up with different color/aesthetic combos only to find that someone else has already thought of it. I've tried hybridizing different creations only to...
  2. Rant

    Crazy Hybrid Ideas!!!

    Ok so I was asked by Xing to come up with a unique Hybrid and I had sooooo much fun im here to share the madness!! I'd love to see some of these made! I will keep adding to the madness so stay tuned. Please make these happen! Their all open so draw away!
  3. F

    Hybrid Fursona?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the fandom and I've been trying to find my fursona, but I'm having a little trouble. I was wondering what others thought about hybrids? Are they ok? Are people who feel their fursona is a hybrid any less of a furry? I was also hoping for a little advice on finding my...
  4. F


    Ok so I'm sorry if this belongs somewhere else but since this bit of the forum discusses fursonas, maybe it can discuss characters? Idk? So my first ever character has a name. He is a red dragoncat with some patterning which.... I still haven't drawn him well enough to share yet. You will...
  5. Protonite

    Questions regarding my fursona's design.

    So uh, my fursona is a Rabbit - Wolf Hybrid (weird, I know) and I'm having trouble designing it. I'm not sure which features to make more rabbit-like and which to make more wolf-like. I need help. ^^" Thanks in advance!
  6. LemurKat


    I'm reading Paul Kidd's Genestorm at the moment, and it is awesome! Not only because it's a kinda wild west/post apocalyptic adventure set in outback Australia, but it also has the craziest cast of hybrid critters I ever did see. It's insane and I love it! Plus Kidd does great characterisation...
  7. N

    Greetings from Staggheart!

    I have left, sorry!
  8. Pteri

    Anyone willing to draw a free ref sheet?

    Hi guys! I need a (SFW) ref sheet for a new character of mine! She's a lot harder to draw that my Fursona, so I haven't been able to make a good ref for her :( Message me if you can do ref sheets for free and are willing to try and make one for Coral! (Also I would like it to be an Anthro...
  9. WolfNightV4X1

    Take a crack at a wolf/avian hybrid?

    Im in a bit of a rough spot and I think seeing new art of my muse and alter ego would perk me up a bit if possible As for what Id want anything goes. Youre the artist but I do have suggestions if you want to pick an idea *a drawing of him as his updated hybrid form in anthro (to include more...
  10. BunMuffin-Adopts

    Ruach (Closed Species) and Anthro Adopts

    New and original Species currently up for auction! Please read: Ruach: Adoptable Guide and Terms and Services. I am also open to Customs. Please PM if you're interested in ordering a custom. Price varies on the rarity of traits. Can be anywhere from $10 - $50 Ruachs are a Closed Species...
  11. TokageTheBunny


    Hi everyone! I'm selling these adoptables, felines are 12$ and ponies 10$( except for number 7 and 8 that are 14$) C: First come firts serve! If you add 10$ to your order i'll do a flat colored piece of the character you have bought ^^