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  1. B

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (25 USD) Pokéfusion Adopts!

    Pokéfusions designed and drawn by me are now available for adoption! Choose from 4 total fusions which are each 25 USD (PayPal) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Arcaknight (Arcanine + Corviknight) (SOLD) - Luxflame (Luxray + Talonflame)...
  2. FR0ST81T3

    [Taro's World] Cross-Species Fursona Ideas

    This can be anything, such as a rabbit with a kitsune tail, or a wolf with moose antlers. Whatever it may be! This serves as a potential fursona finding technique too! I want to see what kind of hybrid 'sonas you lovelies can come up with! Perhaps there's someone out there viewing this thread...
  3. Ancert.Reovolt

    Fursona animal noises

    I want you to type out the sounds that your fursona animal makes. Or post links to the sounds that you make on soundcloud. I am a mainecoon the biggest and the best of all house cats. I have two vocal chord sets that can one full octave each. What does your fursona sound like?
  4. MaetheDragon

    Request: I Have Character Ideas Aplenty! (Primarily scalies, dergs and birds)

    I got inspired by another user in this forum section to make a thread where you can draw all sorts of characters! I have plenty of ideas for scalies, dragons, and birds both natural and mythical! Anthro or feral, hybrids and centaurs, digi or plantigrade, the occasional furred species, I have...
  5. Ender413

    Fusions and Hybrids: Are Original Species Alright to Fuse?

    I'm not exactly new to the furry community but not so well versed in the specifics of some original species... I get the difference between 'Open', 'Semi-Open' and 'Closed' species and that each have a very specific set of rules to follow, but what are the guidelines upon fusing original...
  6. yomidraws

    Metal Wolf-Hybrid Adopts

    So I did some themed adopts I'm really happy with. Those designs are all named after some of my favourite metal songs and inspired by those! More details are over on my furaffinity post: www.furaffinity.net: Metal Wolf-Hybrid Adopts by yomidraws
  7. Simo

    Transform the fur above you into a hybrid, using their current fursona + 1 other species...

    OK, as the title says! Choose a species to mix with the fur above you, and give that new species a name. Bonus points for describing various traits, habitat changes, and so forth : ) I guess I'll be the first to be subjected to this. And if you are unsure of the species of the fur above...
  8. G


    Hello, if my name didn't give it away, I'm a generic fox lover! I've recently decided to get into the furry fandom, and I've noticed a lot of unique sonas out there, as well as multiple hybrid breeds. I was wondering what's the process of creating a hybrid, and why did you guys create the ones...