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  1. T

    Seeking hyena partner for roleplay

    Hi there. I am currently looking for someone that can play a hyena. If you have a hyena oc or your fursona, or even if you want to play a canon hyena character that works with me. add me on discord or send me a pm here and i will gigve more details and show my characters! Duka Party Paper...
  2. CapralCapers

    Needs more yeenies.

    Any proud hyenas willing to gather here?
  3. estiniens

    Anthro Hyena Adoptable - 15 USD PAYPAL ONLY

    hello folks!! i'm selling off an anthro hyena design that i didn't fall in love with too much on FA! his base price is 15 USD, but if you offer 25+ i'll throw in a free headshot of him! you can comment to adopt here
  4. C

    Looking for a gay hyena for a "meeting the family" slice of life RP

    so, i read a comic that inspired me to want to do a roleplay where my character is dating a hyena (gay relationship, so a male hyena) and where im invited to meet his family. thats all the "details" i have so far, so id love to sit down and chat for a bit about what we want the family to be a...
  5. Machati-sama

    Machati's Commissions are OPEN!

    Raising money for a cintiq and am need of the funds. Normally I only do preposed YCH stuff, so if you want to get in on my commissions, NOW IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY CHANCE. I have everything open from sketches, cel-shaded, to experimental stylized stuff. Lowest prices start at $12 for sketches and...